We don’t have good coaches in Malawi – Steve Liwewe Banda


Renowned football commentator says Malawi has no good coaches even at club level.

Steve Liwewe Banda has backed the Football Association of Malawi’ (FAM) decision to hire an expatriate coach for the Malawi National Football Team.

Speaking during midweek sports programme on MBC, Liwewe Banda said Malawian clubs have no good quality coaches to take the game to another level.

“If you ask me, I will be honest with you that we don’t have good local coaches. Our clubs have no good coaches at all that will improve the teams and at the same time, help the performance of our National Football team.

“Look at player development, we have seen good players only existing for less than three years because we don’t have good coaches who can develop players from their current level to another level so I am backing FAM for coming up with a decision to hire an expatriate coach, we surely needs one,” he said.

However, his counterpart Paul Kamanga was quick to disagree with Liwewe’s sentiments saying the environment they are in is not conducive enough for the development of the game.

The FA is just waiting for Malawi Government’s approval to hire an expatriate coach in readiness for the upcoming CHAN qualifiers and the 2019 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.



  1. i agree i saw the flames climbing high spur when Kim Denish Couch took control in a short time till he left everything was smashed off. Kinnah Phiri was a little good not better so the government has to budget more funds for good couches international friendlies and the like not only good stadiums

  2. ngakhaleso ma comentator tilibe ku malawi kuno… siwayambisa wekha…. being behind the mike at foot ball game it doesnt mean you can coach your just as good as a foot ball fan in stands at stadium coz nafeso tikakhala pa stand we thought we good than the one on the ground pamemene ndife mbola zenizeni.
    . Steve just go and get yourself a class B or A uzakoche Flames… zausilu

  3. Amalawi tidziwe ichi, siyense amapita kusukulu kukaphunzila kuti angakhale mphunzitsi, sizoona kuti aliyense anasewerapo mpila ndikukhala coach. Ndichifukwa chake always timamva kuti am in a process over building ateam, its only in Malawi whereby a coach takes almost five solid years to come up with a performing team that has never happen. May be, may be Liwewe could be right. Ndi zampila izi sitimatukwana munthu everyone has his/her opinions, I thank u

  4. no steve ngati ku Malawi kulibe gd coaches ,why Kina z out ,nkhani ndi all the extive ya Fam kms Wota atatula pansi udindo kms steve kaphoto kakudzukunzani mutu kd,even 2 iwe sungamake pa flames man

  5. Liwewe that not true. Even if you can bring the best coach in the world to come and coach our team here they will not bring the World Cup not even the cosafa cup. How can you expect them to reform wonders without the strong financial support to prepare for the games. They even fail to go for comping in good time because of no money. What about friendlies and good preparations. What you said is one of the fallucies at its best.

  6. Ithink flam sizatheka kuchinena kwa Aliwewe so m’ma ground tibzalemo thonje,osewera akhale alimi,coch kapitao,comnt mulond kuopes asizin thole otenga zpaget,lef ndun yoona zolow &Zotuluk komanso fam yoonesesa kut akugula mitengo yabwino &po osapota tonse kupez ma team akunj.

  7. Less not talk about sports here because nothing achieve , what we know is corruption, and I think don’t waist our time and resources for football nothing we know about it,

  8. #Liwewe wakalamba uyu,the problem is we don’t have football academies mpira timauyamba titakula kale.What i mean here is dat many players amayamba kuvala boot ndikumenya opopa mapazi atazolowela chokulunga.This is same as kuongola mtengo utakhwima kale.Ma coach ndi abwino and we have talented players but time of grooming them is very late.
    Kuti mufufuze mma club mupeza kuti player ambiri boot kapena mpira opopa adaunziwa atakula kale.Chonchi ma coach sangaoneke luso lawo coz amakhala pachintchito chophunzitsa how to put on boot,mmalo mowaphunzitsa how to control a ball.

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  10. Ku afcon kunali ma coach 8 okha akuno Ku Africa that means Africa not only Malawi we’re still far with football , and to talk the truth Malawi is much better than south Africa in football but the problem is financial & good pitches

  11. Sikuti ndikudana ndi ma local coaches ayi,,koma Liwewe akunena zoona tangoganizan kod afcon ya chaka chino kunali ma local coaches angat?..tikati tili ndi ma professional players timanena omwe ali pompa pa south africapa yomweyi ikulephera kupanga qualify mu afcon’yi,,nde ndi bwino abwele coach wakunja mwina zinthu nkusintha abale….

  12. malawians mumatopa ndikulemphera koma kapena munazolowera mavuto how can yu find agood coach in a country where football is failure? good coaches in malawi? I totally agree with liwewe yu cant expect a coach in malawi to to compete with coaches from other countries. imagine the coach for. cameroon is he from cameroon? but cameroon is the mother of football simungadabwe? anthu amene mukut. kumalawi kuli ma coach ndinu mbuli pampira

  13. Its true, imagine the big team like bullets coached with Kananji who doesn’t know even blocken Chingende ngati changachi kkkkk.then tikuyembekezera the same team to produce quality players to the National team Eeeeee!!.

  14. Me too am saying in Malawi we dont have good commentator koma okhawo odziwa kunyoza basi !!!! Ma coach onsewa ndiye palibe or modzi wabwino Malawi yonse ndiye chani ??? Chilungamo vuto lili ku FAM Nyamilandu ndi anzake achoke popeza nawo amakocha kumbuyo kwa coach in additional to that ndiamene akuonanga mpira ku Mw , Kunena moona anatitopetsa ngati andale athu akulanda nyanja mwauze kuti azatengeso FAM yonse osaiwala andale athu amodzimodzi akubawa tatopa nawo

  15. of course this could be true since some of the coaches are well qualified in their field only that they are too corrupted and neopotisim which disqualify them , also the player they should have proper skills or fully talented , discpline , commitment sometimes part time training which can enable them to compet at international level not only relaying to their coaches and if you combine the two which are well qualified coach and skilled player Malawi can deliver

  16. Liwewe has been in this game for so long and he knows very well and i totally agree with him , it’s time for him to be included in the tech panel

  17. I think we do have good coaches and players, the major problem is that the government don’t give these coaches and players enough ensentives (like game bonus, allowances, medical schemes and even salaries) so that they can be motivated to bring a desirable results.

  18. Mr Liwewe, Iam totally desagreeing with you. We have good coaches, only that local coaches I’n Malawi are not given enough time to mould the team.I don’t remember the local coach who stayed with the Malawi national team for 5 years apart from the late Robben Malola. Is it not Kinnah Phiri who qualified the Malawi national team for the Africa Cup of Nation in Angola ? Enerst Mtawali,the man who played football at highest level was given a chance only to last for a year and half, do you build a team like this? How about Elliah Kananji, the former Lilongwe Escom and Sucoma overlapping defender? Charles ada Manda, Sadax Grooko Gondwe ,my brother Gerlad Yellow man Phiri,.

  19. Mwango panga ma comment aumbuli kutukwana pamene mpira siuutsata Liwewe wakhala mpila nthawi yaitali akudziwa chomwe akuthandauza Kinna vuto ziphuphu , tili ndi maplayer abwino koma zimalowa kukondela masankhidwe akapita kunja zokoma koma panationa vuto ndiye vuto ndi FAM ,imalowabmkati imakocha? stupid pipo kutsutsa kwa chizolowezi kufuna chilichose mumachidziwa kulibe ma coach abwino

  20. kkkkkkk afana usaphwekese ma works anzanu, kkkkk mawa lino timvaso, We don’t have good players /supporters /Ground /commentators /president kkkkkkkkkkk

  21. Liwewe Banda is right and is spot on.The level of coaching in Malawi is very low.The teams lack the pedigree to be counted on the continent.The standard of the league is affected by poor tacticians who guide the teams.Most of the scouted talent fade after few years.In Europe,a player develops because of good and qualified tacticians or coaches.

    When you compare coaches coaching teams in countries like South Africa,Ghana,Egypt,Morocco, Tunisia,DRC,and other countries with a strong league,there are big disparities regarding standards. A Malawian team can hardly defeat a team from a country like Rwanda due to poor coaching and nurturing of players.There is need to revolutionize the game in Malawi to achieve higher standards.A good national team comes out of a strong league.We have a league that keeps on recycling failures of coaches resulting into maintaining the same low-level standards.

  22. Malawi has the best in everything.
    Look at our international players, boxers, performance outside the country.
    The problem is -greedy officials,
    -lack of logistical and financial
    – support.

  23. Liwewe is aliar we ‘ve got good coaches and good players as well but when it comes to sponsor the nation team in terms of money we even heared tht government has no money for internation friendlys so do u expect such team to bring good results? The answer automatically its Big NO:

  24. We got good coaches and good player who can do better but the problem we don’t have adequate resources we are not investing much in football that’s why we are remainig stagnant not what liwewe is talking about

  25. thats his oppinion,zitsiru zonyoza dziko lawo thats why amatha kuulula lineup ndi sysytemof play kwa mateam obwera kufuna ndalama kkkkkk

  26. We have a lot of best coaches for that matter. …..Endless list but duration and resources sets back our football. …..Kinnah, Alex Ngwira, Diclerck, Kananji. ….Phiri, Kaunda, ,,,,,,endless. ..and even at grassroots levels. .. Patrique Muwemi Tembo haha

  27. mayaz tilinawo koma tilibe ma nursery football ku malawi ndiye zimenezi zikupangitsa ma coach kuoneka ngati saziwa ntchito musanamizidwe ndi mr LIWEWE bora anakayakhula izi kuli zithu zomwe zimafunika masewera ampira tinakawaona ma Coach athu kuti ndiabwino kwambiri

  28. Akunama vuto nd selection ya ma player + ifeyo timathamangsa ma coach mwa fast…koma malawi ali nd maplayer+ma coach anyatwa #stupit_LIWEWE!