Lucius Banda says Malawians are accomplices to corruption

Soldier Lucius Banda

Member of Parliament for Balaka North Lucius Banda has linked corruption to campaign handouts saying Malawians are accomplices to the thievery.

In a Facebook post, Banda said politicians steal money to use it during campaign hence corruption can end if handouts were abolished.

“Think about it, all these monies politicians steal from the public pulse is mostly used during campaign to give the same public in different forms, to entice them to vote for them. In a nutshell most Malawians are accomplices of these thieves. Let’s abolish a system of hand outs during campaign and you will see who is a real leader,” said Banda.

Meanwhile, the parliamentarian has also angrily commented on the fire that hit Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda’s office by asking God to deal with anyone who is linked to the accident.

“If it’s an accident Lord God please forgive us. But lf it’s manmade, Lord God you know it’s the poor people who will have to renovate this through a very painful tax regime imposed on us.Therefore we pray that you may descend your anger and expose them with a heavy punishment,” reacted Banda.

On Tuesday, Ministry of agriculture headquarters in Lilongwe caught fire which officials said started due to an electrical fault.

According to Hamilton Chimala, spokesperson in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, the inferno started from a socket connecting a plasma screen to power.



  1. Him he has done nothing for balaka I don’t know the work of CDF to his area he has failed this singer,and you who are writing in isizulu you are not Zulus why are Malawi nnnnn just write chewa

  2. I don’t subscribe to his sayings,he is more or less like a bilimankhe,he was in the fore front clapping hands when chair destroyed the country,now that he is financially stable,most of his finances accumulated during chairs reign,he talks a lot,not me,i wont support him even if he talks sense now!

  3. Lero limenelo, shame. Anatigawirako ti ma suwiti, bisiketi, mchere wa mibulu ndi tina inorder to woo us lero akati ndi zolakwika, my Balaka north constituency DZIMVEREEEEE!

  4. I don’t agree with this. What comes first? poverty or spirit or seeking handouts? If they are really poor there is nothing wrong in accepting handouts, perhaps thats what help them to survive. BLAME POVERTY & GREEDY POLITICIANS, NOT MY PEOPLE.

  5. Ngati pali mbuzi ya munthu ndiye lucias banda, munthu amene amantha kuyankhula akakhala ndi akazi ake kuchipinda , tiyeni tiyankhule parliament kunkhalangati amusoka kukamwa, chimutu chikulilenje chopanda kanthu

  6. The houses of Politicians are full of things collected from the Poor! The Book of Isaiah already prophesied about this. They have burned the forms so that there’s must be no any witness. God who Sees will fight for the poor; they are already rich but they take everything to themselves, I repeat: Their houses are full of what they take from the poor Malawians. They are children of snakes and they belong to #Hell, had it been they belong to Heaven akanatipangira chifundo ife anthu osauka. God will punishe all those who oppress the poor

  7. ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION!!! Ladies and gentlemen Boys and Girls Brothers and sisters Fathers and Mothers Uncles and aunties Nephews and nieces Doctors and nurses Neighbours and Colleagues Students and graduates. I really don’t have anything to say. Thanks for your attention.

  8. Poverty is so stupid. Why I say this? Poor Malawian are being used to beg money and aid then the money is diverted to their needs. Because we are hungry we don’t have choice but to bold to the masters. We are useless for sure now come elections we are very important. How can I refuse nyemba pomwe ndagona ndinjala. These handouts is a indirect campaign for 2019. At the same time they a stealing on front of us because they control army, court, police and everything because they are ruling party. If the government itself relay on donors. How do u expect an ordinary person to do. Its now like a inborn character of begging and handouts.

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  10. WE are only vocal when we are not receipients.whether we agree or disagree with him,its true.We are poor and eager to get rich no matter what.

  11. Rearise other song old man soja Lucius mwina muziwe ndiinu kuzuzula aja anatisiya aja anakumba dziwe la ng’ona nanga awa bwanji

  12. kusolola kunayamba ndi iyeyo.Amasolola maliseche aoimba ameneyi achina.Wendy,amina uyu timat …..Kaunda amagwira ku MBC zachamba akufuna anene chan

  13. Ku parliament chete osamvekako or kupempha Ko kanthu Ku boma koma kuma show usiku kumanena ngati nzeru …munali kale bwana

  14. And that’s very true, we need to blame ourselves, that’s the only way they can bring back their money’s in there pockets that was used as handouts during campaign. Let’s not entertain this malpractice will save our taxes.

    1. osango comenta nchichewa bwanji kukaka mila zulu koma yose zelo% kuyambila koyambilila npaka komalizila broken zuku kkkkkkkk nnawawo for ur heeei

  15. This is true, without the handout syndrome all these corrupt practices could have been minimal.If a law could be enacted to punish those who could be giving handouts

  16. Lucius Banda should shut his mouth. Has he forgotten that he won his first parliamentary seat fraudulently using a FAKE ….. MSCE certificate. Mpaka anamthamangitsa ku parliament. Lucius has forgotten he himself is corrupt.


  18. Hahahahaha,Mr Lucius Banda your thinking is very shallow,much as I agree with you that the culture of handouts must stop,I totally disagree with you that handouts promotes corruption.thats shallow thinking Mr Zembani.You mean its only the politicians who are corrupt.I don’t think so.Think again!!

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