No Malawian airport among Africa’s top ten

Kamuzu International Airport

Malawian airports are missing on the list of top ten beautiful African airports that has been released by a website called African Ranking.

Kamuzu and Chileka airports are not having any position on the ranking which has been dominated by South Africa with three airports in the top ten.

According to the ranking, the best African airport is South Africa’s Cape Town International Airport seconded by Kigali International Airport from Rwanda.

Kamuzu International Airport
Kamuzu International Airport not in Africa’s top ten.

Port Louis International Airport is ranked on third position followed by OR Tambo International Airport on fourth position.

North African countries have also contributed to the ranking by having Algiers Houari B. International Airport of Algeria on number five, Morocco’s Oujda Angads International Airport and Cairo International Airport which is in Egypt.

The ranking has also named Abeid Amani Karume International Airport from Malawi’s neighbouring country Tanzania on position seven and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport from Kenya on position nine.

Meanwhile, President Peter Mutharika has said that his administration will improve airports so that they fit the international standards.

Mutharika on Friday launched expansion works at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe that will see it handling all sorts of planes.

In his remarks, Mutharika said it is his wish to see airports in the country matching the international standards that can perfect connection of Malawi to the world hence boosting the country’s economy through tourism.

Mutharika said that the modernised Kamuzu International Airport will be connected to a new dual carriage way to the heart of the city of Lilongwe.

“This dual carriage will go all the way to connect with Mchinji Road. Muona ma round-about ammwamba m’boma lake lino! And we will be doing a ground breaking ceremony of the dual carriage very soon.

“And Blantyre, Mzuzu and Mangochi get ready! In our plans, all these four regions will have a modern airport. Chileka International Airport is next. Our preparations to start construction are almost finished. Likewise, we will expand Chileka International Airport and connect it to the centre of Blantyre with a dual carriage,” he said.

Mutharika also revealed his plans of improving air transport to Likoma Island which is also another tourism destination in the country.

Chileka-International-Airport does not make the cut to the list as well.

“We have not left Likoma Island out. Government has already rehabilitated the airport on the beautiful island, and as I speak, Likoma Airport is the third busiest airport in Malawi, with immigration, revenue authority and other offices functioning.

“We remain determined to construct a state of the art airport in Mangochi. In that way, we can make Lake Malawi a tourist centre for the world. We are negotiating with private partners who are ready to invest in this project. And we are making progress. This is all part of our Foreign Direct Investment vision,” Mutharika said.

Malawi’s head of state stressed that big and modern airports will play a big role in the revolution of the country’s economy.

“The bigger and modern the airport, the more the travellers who bring in revenue! Even small scale businesses like taxis will get more chances to rise,” Mutharika said.

According to Mutharika, for all this work to be accomplished it needs money that mostly is obtained through revenue.

He then asked all Malawians to pay tax accordingly to boost the economy of the country.

“But let me ask my fellow Malawians, to practice integrity and patriotism by paying your taxes. We run this country, and we are implementing various projects using money from taxes. Love your country! Pay Your Taxes! And stop facilitating others to evade paying their fair share of taxes. It is immoral, irresponsible and unpatriotic,” he said.

Government of Japan has made the project possible through a K25 billion grant which was made available following a Malawi government request.



  1. Build the city first Mr president Lilongwe looks like krugersdorp here in SA. Beautiful city’s will attract more investors.

  2. It’s like fielding a chameleon in a race of cheetahs.

  3. Infact what qualifies for news is that there still exists some so called journalists who in their shallow thoughts from their substandard journalisism or reporting panel beating, think Malawi plane landing structures can have a say in African ranking, anyway it talks of how they have traveled let’s forgive them Vito siiowo koma mmene anayendera poti amati what one does not know does not exist swing OR tambo one could be fooled that this is # 1 then what do Malawi hve

  4. Saying that though, Malawi hasn’t got the poorest airports in Africa. Some African countries get to their country through other countries’ airports then by road to their destinations. What about that?

  5. With these cashgates and maizegates how do you expect the country to have good airports very pitiful for our small country with leaders busy feeling up their tummies

  6. And what’s suprisping then? We got many country’s airports out of ‘top ten list’ not just Malawi! The question is, what do we do to ensure we next be among them, not stick to wondering and shouting, mocking etc. I sometimes wonder what’s wrong with us Africans, in most cases you find people devaluing their things, talking talking and talking shit, and you won’t them suggesting at least can be done to change the situation. This is tragic!

  7. Malawi was as it is during all the past three presidents. We are always hopeful that things might change with the next president. But, unfortunately, it is always the same or even worst. Now, you got only one hope remaining. Vote for me in 2029 for presidency. Surely I will change the lives of Malawians. Choose wisely.

  8. First allow other airlines to fly in and compete with these Kenya Ethiopia saa and air Malawi who have monopoly Malawi tickets are expensive

  9. Every piece of comment on Malawi is negative always, we need to make the country great thru developmental initiatives though our leaders mostly overlooks.

  10. Zautsilu basi ndimaiko angati alipo mu africa nanga ma airport ?mukufuna tikhale pangombe tili mbusi mmm? Osamapanga updated za maizegate pano bwanji sikoma kuba ndiye number one osati kutukula

  11. Vuto ndilakuti,anthu womwe amayendetsa bomawo saganizira zachitukuko chadziko kuti anthu adzilitchulako dzina dzikolathuli,ena amati “kuyika dziko pa MAP”koma mmalomwake amakonda kuzikundikila chuma mmakomomwawo,ena mpakana kuzungulira nazo mutu ndalama zakuba,khomo lanyumba yawo wosaliwona kusokeranazo kukapezeka ali ku Saudi Arabia.eeeeh!! Tamalikondani dziko abale,tamangani ma airport amakono,zipatala zolozeka,Nanga zoona miseu kukhalangati podutsa njoka, kulikuchepa kumeneko?Tiyamikeko za Bingu National Stadium,zikanateloso ku Salimako ndimadela enawo.

  12. A Malawi amene amakhala mu South Africa ambili amakhala mu nyumba zonyansa kuposa zawo zomwe adamanga ku Malawi brothers….even eni dziko ambili are suffering….lacking even food….but watch reporting of South Africa….no negatives of their country

  13. Kumalawi ngati kuli chinthu chomwe ndinaamvapo kuti chimatichotsa manyazi ndi Nyumba ya Malamulo yokha basi… But zinadzo mmm

  14. Brothers….journalism in Malawi needs total salvation.We dont even appreciate the good of our land but other people’s achievements.Kumalawi palibe amakhala mu Mkhukhu kuno ku South Africa njosayamba….why cant you praise Malawi for being better in housing….kusayenda atolankhani akwathu shaaaa

    1. Why should we appreciate dziko la zaumbava ngati limeneli, kuba ndi chimamanga chomwe, then dreaming of an aeroplane kkk

  15. I wonder why people can waste there precious time & resources researching those…… I dont think the whites in europe have time for that…. We got relevant things to tackle unlike these silly issues…. Even if KIA isn’t part of the ten, so what? Airplanes will still make thiee landing….. #GrowUp

    1. Atolankhaniwa Akufuna Kuwapasa Annointng Water Kt Asinthe Coz Ndkuona Kt Akusowa Chochta….B Proud Of Uo Own Land Ppo

    2. Mr khumbo chipeta, am sorry the position am gonna put my point, if Malawi na a better coz it doesn’t what u need, why dont u unite with all who got the point like u, to go where the environmen for that place wanna suit u instead of the stupide ideas u are raising here?

  16. stupid malawi. remember how you insulted bingu when he proposed the building nsanje inland port. malawi is full of greedy people. and dont talk about malawi airports. though dilapidated, they are operational.

  17. Is there airplane in Malawi?????????why would we have airport without airplane?? We even don’t have park station or taxi rank so why go far claiming about airport??? Poor Nyasa land wake upp!!!!!

  18. I disagree Kia is a good airport,I have landed there 4 times.I have travelled a lover Africa.Malawi is not bad,it has some beautiful hotels.The lake show is a heaven on earth.The problem is Malawians you talk bad about your own country.Corruption is every way! Blame the people not the country.You have small but beautiful cities.I have been to several african cities many of them are very dirty.Malawi is a very peaceful country pliz dont spoil it by talking bad.

  19. ukamapita ku airport koma traffic yakeyo ????????????????????? mmhu.takozani miseu kaye inu.

  20. kkkkkk mmimba mwanga kuwawa nkuseka. kodi ku mw kuno kuli bwalo la ndege???????????????????????????????? mwina amanmjoya nku excutive lounge. mma airpot fungo la mkhwapa lili thoooo kununkha kukanikitsa kumwa madzi. nseru. nthawi ina anayala karpeti ku KIA kumangokwinyika. kkkkk fumbi loseli zoona kuyala kapeti? umbuli eti. pa zana paja anthu amapereka ma 3 handedi ananka kuti? kunkatela BOAC british airways South african airways panaliso cindegeso cina cacikulu komaso mmenemo anthu sankayenda kwambili ,ankayenda azungu, amwenye pothawitsa ndallama ndi ma bwana, lelo kutembenuzika, ndege tilibe koma anthu oyenda thoo mutindege tingonotingono. mitu yugwila apa??????// ncifukwa aliyese amati akakhala pa mpando nkungolemerera kutisiya titagwila tsaya.
    kodi mukucita kulalika kuti tipanga izi ndi izo osangopanga bwanji? too much ZUNGO. mukukanika kumanga depot ya pa WENELA pano anthu aba ndlama kugula ma bus akuluakulu thakadzo uve uli kumeneko kuja. same old strucures, kusowa kokanya .the whole BT city kukhala ndi ma shatini ghetto busdeport. za manyazi.JABULANI ya mma 50s momwe inalili mpaka lelo.ngati highway pa shoprighte inatenga 5 years? nanga ku mibawa ma mini bus?????????????????????????????? poti azathu oyenda pa ma LEXUS mudzatenge mukamazapita.

  21. That means our airports are substandard. Still a long way to go.yambani mwakonza misewu ndizinazo,the rest will fall into place

  22. We are not that poor only that we have twisted minds, we are always talking about basic needs of pple which will there no matter what you do. See Bingu built the five star hotel amidst talks of basic needs he did not listen but look now we have that beautiful hotel it makes every Malawian proud and the same money if used only for basic needs like maize could have ended in our toilets, sometimes you must just do what you have to do without thinking too much. Basic needs will always be there let us for once join hands in developing this country, it is better kudya thelere koma utatchena than kudya nyama nkumabvala sanza

    1. Zonse nzabwino koma tisawaletse kupanga chitukuko forward ever backward never, together we stand devided we fall let us forget which party we are from but let’s stand as malawians

  23. Good one! Lessons must be learnt … Malawi has greedy leaders who just focus on building their property with the money they steal, they are not ashamed at all.



  26. Yeah! dont get surprised coz not only Malawian airport is missing on the list . It’s”Top 10″ remember. Of all the 55 countries that Africa has , how many are not among the ‘Top 10’? It would be a surprise to me if Malawian airport was missing on a “Top 50 African Airports”.

  27. Muyende amwene muone ma airport aanzathu there is nothing here to cal an airport even the design simuzala maluwa kutsogolo kwa airport koma malawiii khaya

  28. Infrastructure development can only be tied to a country’s wealth, Malawi is a poor country…..this is obvious, you cannot spend millions on world class airports when your citizens are grappling with basic issues.

  29. Its obvious….wud u be happy if Malawi’ cud hv bn rated in the best 10? And yet we have other serious issues to be taken care of e.g health n education feat. agriculture.

  30. Mkanati siinapezekepo pama country 10 amene asogoleri ake akumaba kwambiri ndipamene ndikanadabwa. Osati pa top ten yama airport zabwino amenezo ndimaloto.

  31. I fell embarrassed with some comments here, I have friends who follow Malawian news pages.samakhalanso ndichikhumbokhumbo chobwera kudzaona Ku Malawi chifukwa cha macoment anuwa.

  32. Malawians don’t despise yourself plz, I have been on Julius nyerere international airport in Tanzania it’s not beautiful as KAMUZU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, but AD and

    1. That’s not what I meant, I just fell sorry to those who insult Malawi as if we can’t change for better. The biggest problem we have in Malawi is corruption.

  33. Kkkkkkk komaditu eeeeee! phwiti anakwan njiwadi eeeee. Really the editor you have energy to write. Which airport would you expect to be on top African list in malawi.

  34. It wud be a miracle kuona city yaku malawi pa top hundred cities in africa nde mungakambe za ma airport. Malawi is just too poor zija zoti u cant compare chilichonse chaku malawi ndi dziko lina. Lets just compare our airports cities etc from within not across the border. We hav nothing to compare with our neighbours, we are far much behind. Katangale yokha tili pa number one.

  35. We have less revenue than expenditure, maybe if we create more source of revenue and being patriotic enough we can reach that far.

  36. Thus Good News,wy Syng So Z Wen Eva Ther Z Issues Involving Corruption&wen Pple Talk Our Leades Says The Situation Z All Ova Africa Referng 2 Our Neighbouring Countries,so Hw Abt Airport Wher Re They Going 2 Refer?

  37. It doesnt make sens, y president is jumping to big things while he is failing to make a gud bus statins in the country mmmmmmmm

  38. This is not news…And I can bet there’s only 4 or less countries in that list, RSA, Seychelles, Egypt, Mauritius….Libya…There’s so many things we lag behind on…Talk about something with immediate importance, like medical care maybe somebody might actually help out

  39. Aaaah do you think this an airport? Even those who construct airports can’t tell what we have? Kumayenda muzaona ma airport. Siyani kuombera m’manja zauchitsilu

  40. Even in top 500 singapezekepo tili mbamva mumalawi muno they don’t think about our country what they think is all about kumaba ndalama za kumasunga munyumba osapangira chitukuko mziko muno at the end amamwalira kunzisiyaso munyumbamo

  41. Even bus deport ya Ku south Africa ndi Airport yakumalawi simayambapo imaoneka ngat kachimbuzi Kma chosecho akut. Ndi Airport..

  42. That’s malawi!!! Koma atati zauchembere wabwino top 5 tikhozakupezekamo.Atati ukatangale,ziphuphu,kuba,kuchosa mimba mwaukadaulo!!Malawi top 4 alimo!

  43. hahahaha plz sometimes yu hav to be serious..if yu hav bn or seen mzuzu airport is like a community ground n its offices deserve to b toilets….where can yu rank it as an airport?

  44. I wonder seeing some comments say malawi is a poorest country in the world…like seriously!! my friends you have to travel and see other countries which are far poorer than malawi.

    1. I think most respected international surveys have Malawi as the poorest or in the 10 poorest countries in the world. Sadly this means most Malawians can’t afford the luxury of holidaying to other destinations

    2. Mike James Beyard acceptance is needed, we are the poorest. Nane ndayenda mayiko koma ukamatera pa KIA umavaa chisoni, ukafika misewu yathu umava chisoni, ma bus depot ndiye eshiiiiii

    1. Kkkk They can build a better one than ours if they want though. It’s a war torn country but far much developed than us, no?

  45. Kkkkkkkkkk ndiye ukuona ngati nzachilendo izi? Olo atati top 20 Malawi singapezekemobe. The poorest country in the whole World ndiye mukayembekezele kuti lili ndi ma airport okongola?
    The way Limbe Town looks, mwa anzathumu ndi trading centre not a town. Ukayenda mpomwe umazindikila kuti Malawi tili kutali kwambiri.

  46. Malawi is the poorest country in the wolrd why expecting it to be within that range? Come and see how lilongwe minbus depot look like being the capital city of Malawi.. #shame.

  47. Sitikututumuka, once tamaliza upgrading tatsekulira ija tikhala number 1 mu Africa. We dream in colour, we promise, we deliver.

  48. We don’t need the most beautiful airport that only few ppl can afford,before we can hav better road network that can benefit more poor pple to run their small business to grow,thats include local famers,

  49. Ngati dziko likukanika kukhala ndi ndege zooneka ndiye kukhala bwanji Airport yooneka. But the facts are malawi is best in katangale basi ma maizegate , cashgate. On that yipezeka pa top ten.

  50. U mean that my child doesn’t have a decent shoes but you know what I have is poverty, so now ur are expecting to be in top ten shame. Can you give us a great great stuff so that we can improve ourselves.

  51. We all know that there is more than 50 countries in Africa, and Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the continent. How can it be chosen to be among of those 10,

    1. It’s like undressing your wife in public or letting out family secrets at a drinking joint cos you have differences.

  52. Roadport for buses in Zim, Sa is by far better than KIA and Chileka… and fo mzuzu kkkkkk its a pity coz ndika airstrip chabe thez a 1971 model bedford fire truck kkkk

  53. Lol!Even when the plane is leaving Malawi Airport To ElseWhere,they First spray perfumes inside the whole plane to get rid of bad oddours of Our Land…No doubt,bcoz Of This, Malawi can’t appear on the map

  54. Lol!Even when the plane is leaving Malawi Airport To ElseWhere,they First spray perfumes inside the whole plane to get rid of bad oddours of Our Land

    1. Bad odour of our land? Bro how could you say that? Is our land different from that of SA, Nigeria, Ethiopia and TZ? Our poverty is man made, for decades we have failed to uplift the status of our country. Very pathetic when u get to know Mozambique a once war stricken Country is way ahead of us.

  55. Zopanda tchito izi zausilu basi…mukufuna tikhale ndi Airport yokongola paziterapo ziwala ndi ngumbi kkkkkk Tilibe ndege ife so no need to have a beautiful Airport….

  56. palibe chachilendo pamenepa. We are lacking behind in so many things compared to other countries within the region so how can you expect Malawian Airport to be among the best in Africa?

  57. tatiye tiziziwika ndi mkangano wa nyanja ndi a tanzania….
    timanga bwanj airpot akulu akulu akukakamira ndalama za chtukuko,
    ma airpot apa denga nde ndi ambiri

  58. Even if they said top 20 we won’t be there. I have seen Airports and ours is just a toilet if you dont know.

  59. Or akanati top 100 sitikanapekamo,,koma ma airpot aufiti,ndie or top 5 tikanapezeka. amanga bwanj airpot yowoneka atatchuka nd cashgate? pena ndmazimvera chson why am i a malawian.

  60. Actually it’s not a surprise. How would you expect us to have beautiful airports in Africa yet we are one of the most poorest in the world? Never. In fact we are below the list on anything minus corruption

  61. How many countries do we hv in Africa?..n hw many airports do we hv in Africa?..Still other countries r missing on that list..this is not worthy news..Old Post Trush

  62. Malawi ndidziko lomvetsa chisoni kwambili all this shit u calling airport was Dr kamuzu Banda dreams, I don’t think adakankhala kuti kamuzu alimoyo tsiku lalero this airport it have could still looking like this, shame now Mr president u telling us to pay taxes for what? Awa mukuyankhula apawa ndimanyi Mr president, ndalama zamisonkho yanthu mukungo gawana kumeneko hence it’s not enough? Panzonsezi ine I blame Malawians because mumavotela munthu kamba ka zinthu zaziii, aaah ndiwochita bwino kale ameneyu aaah anakhalapo kunja aaah ndinzake wa obama, amalawi tizazindikila liti koma, ndikuuzeni lero president amayenera kulemekeza anthu ake but do u think this bullshit muthalika really cares about citizens I don’t think so, what he cares is kuba ndalama za msonko yathu basi fuck. … inu munaonapo kuti airport ikuoneka chonchi is this airport or bars? misewu amankonza lero mawa yaonongeka onkoza akenso amaitana anthu aku (China) u really think Chinese can build good and strong things? Pali maiko ambili kwabasi oti akhoza kutikonzela misewu muziko lino with same amount that u give to Chinese, that stadium trust me check it in 6 years coming muzandiuza kumalawi kuno mmene ndimaonera ine palibe emwe ali ndinzelu luntha ngati mmene amaganizira Dr ngwazi, all this bull people akumanama kuti ndivoteleni ine ndizapanga chonchi bodza lonkha lonkha. …

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