MRA snubs Bushiri symposium

Steve Kapoloma
Steve Kapoloma
Kapoloma: Had confirmed the news.

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) refused to be part of the Christian youth business symposium which took place on Saturday in Blantyre where the main speaker was South Africa based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

In a statement that was released by MRA, the tax collector condemned Christian Youth Association of Malawi (CYAMA) for using MRA’s name to advertise their event without permission.

According to MRA head of corporate affairs Steve Kapoloma, no official from MRA attended the symposium since they were not given any written invitation through their commissioner general.

“We would like to categorically deny our involvement in the symposium, we were not invited.

“The procedure for inviting MRA to such events involves writing to the commissioner general detailing the aim and objectives of the conference. We never received any communication about the symposium detailing the objective and target audience as expected with such events,” he said.

The event which took place at Robins Park was to have officials from the country’s tax collector as some of the speakers on top of officials from different banks in Malawi.

MRA is the third party to disassociate itself from the event after president of Economic Association of Malawi Henry Kachaje and gospel artist Faith Mussa also refused to attend.



  1. Ngati boma lathe likuyamba nsanje ndi kulemera kwa prophet. Bushiri mwanaweniweni wa Malawi. aaaah mungayembekezere kuti Malawi angatukuke. President wa South Africa ? adanena kuti Malawi alulephera kuchititsa ntchito prophet (the major 1) komabe chilungamo mukuchidziwa kuti mchere ndi osayamba

  2. Wango ponda mbali ziwili ndiye sakudziwika kuti ali mbali iti ya mulungu kaya ya dziko,siwofunda ndipo siwozizila ndiye ameneyo ndiwopelewela pa muyeso wa mulungu.

  3. something iz wrong with dis so called prophet kkkk we dont want trickstar in malawi with all the riches why iz h failing to develop where he started his ministry in mzuzu, ma prophet ndi onse koma quality we dont want evil pipo here, spread de gospel in gud faith asathawire iz ameneyu!

  4. The problem with Malawi is that every positive thing is politicized even if there is neutrality in the matter. MRA is afraid of dismissals from the DPP led government which hates any positive thing coming from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri because they regard him as their rival in politics come 2019.

  5. The problem with Malawi is that every positive thing is politicized even if there is neutrality in the matter. MRA is afraid of dismissals from the DPP led government which hates any positive thing coming from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri because they regard him as their rival in politics come 2019.

  6. Go into the bible and see where JUSUS wanted to be with the government.

    Government and it departments where there in those days but JESUS did not need any government through out his ministry
    He preached to people that they should repaint to prepare for the kingdom of GOD in heaven. That’s why he said give to czra what belongs to him.

    bushiri should not take government as his walking stick, trying to draw attention from people because they didn’t give attention to him. The conference he held is also the same with other churches and religious people but they don’t bother government, because they know that government is not part of religious thing

  7. A Malawi osamakondema chilichonse thus y simutukula dziko lanu….. ma jealous satukula dziko Bushiri ndimunthu olemela try by inviting him for better Malawi …. he muli wantu wanzeru umu koma wenangu ndio wasokoneza malawi ….. pliz wantu… muzachangamuka liti.

  8. Nkhani yabwino, pena tisamangoti tipaseni mapeto ake tizaononga nazo miyoyo yathu, zapadzikozi ndizosala kulibwino kukhala mphawi nkusiyana ndikukhala ndichuma chosayenelela.

  9. Malawi is demon possed with poverty, kusayenda a malawi. Bwerani mayiko akunja muzaone ma citizen olemera otukula dziko

  10. kodi this heading bwanji…was it bushiri symposium? i thought even bushiri was just one of the people invited? if anything i think this should go to those who were organising and inviting people not bushiri.mind you with the way you write your stories.

  11. Thats tha power ov GOD 4 them to refuse we dont wnt 666 here in Malawi komko kuchimake kwasatanako
    Fake prophets rushng 4 money akale amayenda bare, sleepng under trees en busy spryng tha word ov GOD siizizi zoonekeratuzi choice is ours left hand side or Right hand side

  12. Politicians who steals from us are busy kiling any thing well wishers tries to do.Why they want us to be poorly an ignorant kut babenge makora vindere vakufikapo.

  13. Light And darkness are very close neighbours, they meet every down and sunset but they can’t walk or stay together.

  14. Even JESUS was betrayed by his own heritage!!! people in Unganda was praising a man only having JESUS CHRIST lookings,wake up Malawi!!!!

    1. But JESUS was not attached to government activities, He reached and preacher the word, and warned people of their sins to repaint because the kingdom of GOD do not accommodate the siners

  15. Bushiri is an Icon in Africa . He has taken over Southern Africa . He is now in the race of riches with West and North African billionaires alas he comes from a small country Malawi where his people are still doubting his riches. Politicians do not want him near .Bushiri The man to watch !

  16. Wat I knw if see malawi hv in mind jealous is there aftr all praising pple from oversea while hav strong minded here in malawi. Stop blocking youths brain piz learders

  17. Kkkkk. Somebody with non readable name kkkkkk says Bushiri is fake??? Kkkkk, how genuine are you so that we join you at a symposium…and tip us on a positive note???. Kkkkk. Only fake people think like you out of their madness.. Pa Malawi pa Nyasa lande… Kkkk.. Wake up and walk in the light of God. Nock and the door Will open. No fakeness’ once Heavenly door is open for you.

    1. Godfrey u look like an educated man. Is MRA a church? Since when? Bushiri and MRA were all guests not host. So why guests should worry each other. If u invite government institute u send some agendas in a written formal way not like kuitana ngati kumowa no no no

    2. He looks like educated? Yes he is and he pointed out straight which shows he is an educated guy, other than you , long txts with ungrammatical English,but Godfrey so simplified English.

  18. zao izo,,,we love him,,,and symposium was quite fruity,than akanabwelako iwowo mkuzakamba za VAT…….Bushiri is a Malawian nde ngat ena mmadana naye chifukwa chazikhulupiliro zosadziwika mmipingo mwanumu,zanu,,ens kaya chifukwa choti ndinu andale zanu zimenezo ,,,ine I love the guy he is great model than these foolish educated thieves.

  19. MRA full of idiots, vuto mumayendera magnizo ambuzi inayake within the cabinet kkkkkk ndie sanapange ??? Idiots

    1. mr mkandawire u seem to know alot thank u i hope u r the true prophet than my bushiri but that will never change anything we r unshakeable we r the seed of abraham

    2. Nkandawire i have already forgiven you bcoz it seems you doesnt knw wat u wrote here and u dnt really kn hw some of these crew the they are controling some departmnt of gorv

  20. So what? Malawians learn to be serious when you busy writing or commenting on something you don’t like know that you are promoting it ,bravo Bushiri for making lazy Malawians busy

    1. This is not a political think, I m don’t like this government. But bushuri should stand as a man of GOD and preach the word of GOD not seeking attention from the government every time in order to make people quarrel for nothing

      If he is man of GOD let him stand alon to to try and take government body as his walking stick.

  21. Madness of the universe.. Why openly snubbing the symposium ??? MRA you’re only the paradise of few corrupt politicians. Be unique and naturally sensitive.. Bushiri maybe mad and useless as you may think, but is blessed more than what you are.. Be professional.

    1. When he come next time he should not try to be attached to government bodies, even JESUS the king was not attached to any part of the government, but He reached the word for sinners to repaint.

  22. The problem with Malawians is jealous! You fan be proud of a Malawian citizen doing commendable job.South Africa is much bigger than us, but they support this man,but we will remain beggers while he is at high!

    1. Why would a normal human being be proud of Bushiri who is mocking God by doing stupid tricks and claiming them to be miracles? You need to look deep into yourself and change. He is
      fraudster and fake.

    2. And Bushiri is a fraudester, then you are a typical fraudster ,look at the you write your name, really shows your a crook!

    3. Jeoffrey Mbeya Malawi is a democratic country with rules and laws. Its not a toilet that anyone go and pu then go no no. Are u aware that Bushiri has a civil case with Jo’burg city municipality. For buildings a church without approval from city plan engineers. They is possibility of demolishing the structure. So with MRA, its a government institute that is overlooked by government. Even u can have Millions, billions or trillions no one have a right to convert government to private institute. If he want to help Malawi he is welcome in a formal way with premeeting then formal written agreement. The government do want to get involved in verbal agreement. Eg he will promise Malawi food verbal like(30) trillions mk then give them 2 million then you will say the government is not releasing Bushiri funds. He must approach government like any donors if he don’t trust he can distribute himself but formal written agreement first then miracles will follow

    4. first and foremost it was a youth symposium, not bushiri’s. bushiri was invited to lecture the youth. MRA were also invited. buy alas! mra lost a golden chance to talk to the youth about the esence of paying taxes. probably directions from above. it was the best gathering for a good tax collecter. wake up mra

    5. Is the youth gone? Why u want to mix tax and religious. I am sure these youth stay in Malawi not overseas they will get a chance to lecture again

    6. A Michael Mkandawire its like you don’t know all you are talking about, on the issue of having a civil case in J,burg its none of yourself, let the court rule this and mind you , you don’t know the truth of the matter. Bushiri came to address a youth symposium, not as a church leader. Know he is also running sound business in RSA, so combination of religious work and business is not a crime. We have Chakwera here in Malawi, he is a politician and a Reverand. It shows you have natural hatred on Bushiri and you can’t accept this,mix with Poverty= jealous.

    7. Jeoffrey Mbeya why would I be jealousy? I don’t hate Bushiri but I am not his follower because I don’t believe in miracle money. I have worked hard to be where I am without miracle. Poverty make people desperate and accept anything even u see that its useless. To me it does not work like that. Why are u so desperate with absent MRA a government institute? Something fishy here. Jeoffrey I wrote about Jo’burg city civil case as evidence that if u have money u don’t do anything u feel without proper procedure. We don’t hate him but thing must be done in respect of laws and preserve of every citizen ‘s rights. If I don’t follow your church because of my personal belief that is not jealousy

    8. Mmmm the only thing I observe here is noise with no substance and you don’t score any point here as far as my rating is done. Am an adventist and you are totally off the point here! Once again, Bushiri NEVER came on religious ticket,but an investor, so am wondering why are you mentioning the religion? You just have that hatred as seen here, stop judging others before your said you are as you are because of hard working! You are very far brother from an investor!

    9. My brother we are not fighting here. I have worked in big cooperates company. From a business point. Everyone is allowed to invest in any company as long u have money to buy shares. Now my question is if he want to invest why not set up meeting with people with preferred business. MRA is a revenue authority. I am sure he has legal team that can draft paperwork with Hey. If he want to sponsor students so that he get discount on taxes and rates its fine because it in merit of our constitution. MRA have Way to discuss work business. Not at university. Bushiri has a right to apply special tax if he wish to sponsor some students. No one is above the law our constitution we have same rights including u ,me and Bushiri. I wonder where u get all detail of his trip.

    10. aman who hav got no enemies is usless.ngati ali wa fake iweyo true prophet why cant you prophecise the truth if u are not following just close yo month

  23. so is that a problem the conference was for the citizens of malawians so even if u were not invited profetionally what impact could u bring to the citizens asaaaaa akuba inu

  24. Aaaaaaa koma MRA ndiyogwesa phwayi, sanayitane a Banda ndiye pamafunika kuti mnthu mmozi apite ochokera ku MRA akati bambo Banda imani timati
    Ndine Moses banda ndikuoneka pano kuyimilira company ya MRA. Pali vuto apa

  25. Of cause Bushiri does not own government. Why would miracles and revenue connect. I think he need to understand that he is not God, he is not deputy Jesus. He is just a follower like everybody. He must not think he can control people like his church no no no

    1. fundoless, kuzolowera kaduka ndi munthu wa mulungu . akulakwa chani nokha simukuzivera chisoni ndi Malawi wanu osaukayo ,munthu akufuna kuti munthandizane nzru inu mukabweretsa zeru yanu yakufayo

    2. Ephraim Xavier why he didn’t do it a formal way. U can’t promise on the crowd without formal agreement. Yes I don’t agree with DPP. But Malawi has laws it not a banana republic. If he want to contributed he must write a letter and have a meeting before going public. U have seen NGO’s donors or investors they don’t just come and help then go. They sign an agreement then announce. Don’t forget that his church building was stopped in sandton in Jo’burg because he start building without approval from the city engineers. Now they will demolish and take him to court. U must know that Police,Army,MRA, Prisons, Immigration, NPA all these are government institutes therefore they are non religious non tribal, non sex gender. They at controlled by government not Bushiri church or anyone. U can have billions or trillions but u have no right to call them like its your house nonono

    3. Micheal muziimva nkhani bhobho y ur blaming Bushiri? Bushiri wz not organiser of that conference. he also an invited personal lyk de way they did to MRA. leave Bushiri alone ngat a MRA sanafune sanafune basi osat coz of Bushiri anapitako kapena mumafuna Bushiri azilemba makalata ngat msonkhanowo unali wake?

    4. I think as u said its bad publicity. And another issue is of mixing politics, religious and taxes. That to me I smell something is fishy. Are u aware that university accommodate Christian, Muslims, Hindu etc. U cant bring a pastor in my concern without acknowledge. Why can’t that lecture being done without religious because they are violating other religion rights. If Bushiri was also a guest like MRA why Bushiri’ s name implicated in the post. Let’s be honesty this is a hide and sick game. I don’t hate Bushiri but I am not his follower so my rights must be preserved in such. If my parents pay fees for university I must feel comfortable and the same to Bushiri’s followers they have a right not to be disturbed. Tell me my friend is Bushiri has a degree in accounts or business management or any that is relevant to rates and taxes. So if not why should a std 8 student lecture a 4th year student about tax. Yes we need help from anyone but we are not fools that help will come with favours no. Let’s respect one another we are all citizen but I can’t sell my rights with a plate of curry no. My rights my future

    5. Man Bushiri watani tisamuweruze. He was just an invited guest lyk other speakers there, MRA too was invited why pointing Bushiri? Vuto apa ndi olemba nkhani akukusokonezani. Musamuweruze sintchito yanu imenei konzani mtima wanu. Chili mwa Bushiri simuchiziwa whether he is evil or good only God knows.

    6. We are not judging here. We don’t belong to him he is good or evil that’s none of our business. But he must not control people or government like he own them no

  26. kkkkkkkk koma MRA……IF Your Disassociating your selves with important investing meetings like this then dont associate yourselves when we start opening our businesses………kuti mukuzatolera msonkho.

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