Ralph Ching’amba launches band in South Africa

Ralph Chingamba

Malawian music producer Ralph Ching’amba has launched a band in South Africa.

The name of the band is Peace Band.

In an in interview with this reporter, the producer said the band is currently working with different South Africa based Malawian musicians for live performances.

“It is true I have launched a band and a studio by the name Ralph Records which is currently working here in South Africa, the turnout is quite very impressive because am not resting. I am always busy with customers which I thank God because I never knew I will reach this far since when I was coming here my plan was to stay here for seven months and go back home,” said Ching’amba.

Ralph Chingamba
Ralph Ching’amba confirms of the news.

He continued to say that he is planning to organise a music festival which shall see Malawian artists who are based in South Africa coming together for live performances and exchanging ideas in the family of music.

Commenting on his progress since he left Malawi for South Africa where he went to record an album for a Ugandan musician who is based in Botswana, Ching’amba said he has managed to record over 180 choirs and solo artists and produced 113 albums 87 of which have been launched in South Africa.

Talking of the challenges he has met during his stay, establishment of his studio, and formation of his band, Ching’amba described time management as one of the challenges because he does not rest looking at the number of customers that go to record to his studio.

He also said that his band is full of artists who are not familiar with live performance so he is training them for the perfect performance.

Lastly he expressed concern on the amount at which the albums of different local artists are selling at the local market.

He said: “I remember in 2005 when I recorded and produced an album of Thomas Chibade we used to sell the album to Malawians and OG ISSA at K900 but it sad to see that after 10 years instead of rising on the amount of selling the album we are decreasing from K900 to K500”.

Ching’amba said he will be coming to Malawi end of this year and Malawians should not expect the same thing from him but a different style.

Ralph has produced albums of different big names in the Malawian music industry and some of his last productions before leaving for South Africa were albums for Charles Nsaku, Allan Ngumuya and Lucius Banda.



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