Piksy clarifies breakup with Nthumwi Nicodem: claims they are still good friends


Celebrated urban music artist Piksy has come out open to clear unfounded stories surrounding the disbanding of Atumwi.

Following reports that he dumped his companion to go solo, Piksy maintained in an interview that the pair split in good faith.

“Not that I dumped him because I wanted to stand alone. Those are unfounded allegations. Nothing of that nature happened,” stated Piksy.

‘Atumwi’ still in good terms. (Library Image)

The musician, who also loves to be called Langwizo, revealed that his colleague Nicodemus was the brain behind the dissolving of Atumwi.

Piksy recalled that Nicodemus decided that the duo should split after realising that music was not that rewarding in those days. “He wanted to concentrate on things that would empower him financially, so he told me that he was no longer interested in music,” he added. According to Piksy, Nicodemus who is a journalist by profession ventured into advertising business which earned him more money. “I then also quit music and concentrated on my career of accounting. I started paying more attention to work than music,” he said. When asked on how he bounced back to music, Piksy fingered managers of Nde’feyo entertainment whom he said invited him to collaborate with Maskal on the song Wa CV.

According to Piksy, after the song had dominated airwaves some people began encouraging him to bounce back to music.

“Then Nde’feyo guys signed me. There I did a song titled Unamata. This song received a warm welcome and authorities from Airtel Malawi hired me as the brand ambassador,” he said.

He said through the encouragement he even dumped his accounting job and began taking music as his career.

“Though I irked my parents and other relatives with the decision but I had to take a risk because I knew that I am gifted in music and by any means I would make it,” he bragged.

Piksy rose to fame through Atumwi pair around 2008 with songs such as the popular Sendeza which he did with his colleague Nicodemus.

He further claimed that though they went separate ways, the two are still good friends.

“We still talk a lot,” Piksy said.



  1. Its not the end but the beginning of new life for all (when season change things also change. l thank them for the good sound they share with us the time they were together .ndingoti tipatseni mnthunziwo nkhunizo ayi ife..

  2. those guys are not frnds as it was at first blv it o not why amabifana u can see some song of piksy zimachita kuoneseratu kut akumubifa nzake and ma commady a chenkope ndo nacy amaonetsaso aaaaa

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  4. aaa! basi ma guyz,tisavutike ndi makoment! pajatu a malawi24 amadziwika ndi nkhani zopeka,zonyoza,za chidani,za nthabwala,eeee! ndi zambiri koma zopanda umboni!

  5. Akukana chani iyeyo.Ife tinanva 2012 kuti anthu amenewo anapanga separate..Nde lero agwilizanaso basi he want to fool us.Its not even our business.Inuso nanu ndi News zimenezo,Leave it for MALAWI MUSIC.COM or any Malawi’s celebrities pages.

    1. He already said it, we’ve heard what happened and that they are friends- we’ve heard it already. Also, it’s unnecessary to be discussing that now as nobody cares about it. We have embraced Piksy as a solo artist for some time now. Am sure no one can be asking about Nikodemo in 2016. Over the years, Piksy’s relevance has by far overshadowed what he had accomplished in that duo.

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