30 November 2016 Last updated at: 10:05 AM

SA NGO to give food aid to Malawians during Christmas

A South African non-governmental organisation, City Hope Disaster Relief (CHDR) will be coming to Malawi this December to deliver vital food aid.

According to a statement published on the organisation’s website, CHDR will deliver food aid especially to those in the hardest-hit rural areas.

Drought Malawi

Drought also led to poor harvests in. Malawi Drought( Internet image from feedingthehungry.ca)

The statement further said the organisation will deliver about 18 tons of nutrient-dense Future Life cereal to communities outside Blantyre.

More than that, farmers in these impoverished communities will receive much-needed training and seed to cultivate their own fresh produce.

The organisation says its goal is to both feed and educate so as to ensure self-sustainability.

CHDR has partnered with the Future Life Foundation, City Logistics, Crown Ministries, and its volunteers to ensure these communities have enough to eat as many celebrate Christmas.

The organisation has since appealed to South African communities and other well-wishers to help raise funds to support this initiative by donating via the organisation website (www.cityhope.co.za)

It has assured well-wishers that every cent donated will go towards ensuring that a Malawian family has a chance of going into the New Year with the skill-set and opportunity to find food.

Malawi is one of the African countries that have been severely hit by hunger this year. It has been reported that 50 percent of the country’s population have nothing on their tables this year.

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