30 November 2016 Last updated at: 9:23 AM

Four children hide under bus from Lilongwe to Mulanje

A story of courage or whatever you may wish to term it, but a surprise story for you is that four children were  caught hiding under a National Company bus at Muloza in Mulanje which had traveled  from Lilongwe- a distance of about 424 kilometres.

This happened on Monday.

under-a-busThe four boarded the bus in Lilongwe and hid themselves under the mudguard near the gear box at around 2100 hours and were destined for Blantyre.

However, when the bus reached Blantyre the children did not realise that they have arrived hence they were proceeded to Muloza in Mulanje.

As people were off-loading luggages, a leg of one of the boys was seen protruding outside the mudguard.

The four revealed to have done that as a desperate measure to get to Blantyre as they had no money for transport.

The four children are of the ages of 11-13 and are destitute who were going to Blantyre for a change.

Meanwhile Mulanje Magistrate Court has given an order to take the four to Chirwa Reformatory Centre.

According to police public relations officer for Mulanje police station, Sergeant Gresham Ngwira, this follows a request made by the District Social Welfare office so that the children, get reformed.

(Info: Malawi Police Service).

3 Comments On "Four children hide under bus from Lilongwe to Mulanje"

  • mary says:

    Crazy geniuses!! Viva Kidos!

  • Banda says:

    Sad story, that the patents or relatived of these children have failed to assist them and ensure they are in school and safe.

    The bus driver should be fired from his position as there are many stops where he should have inspected his vehicle especially in Blantyre. Did we just hear a AXA bus catching fire which could have been avoid if the driver inspected the vehicle especially the tyres.

    Amazing that these individuals were able so far without being detected or harmed,

  • goodwellbanda says:

    Ndizowona ana amenewa ndi amasikini enaso anakwera bus munjira yomweyo bus ya future mpaka ku mzuzu

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