“The last proposal” grabs Chanco by the horns


A play called “The Last Proposal”, registered high patronage among lecturers and students on Wednesday at Chancellor College in Zomba.

One of the spectators Rabson Assam said that the play was based on a beautiful young lady, Tama, who struggled to get a serious man for marriage.

According to Assam, young men could come to her but none including her workmate, Cliff proposed to her. Many times, Tama received ridicules from her friends such as Aunt Joyce for not getting married in time.

Chanco treated to the Last Proposal.

“However, Tama had hopes that a man that regularly visited her restaurant would marry her but he turned other way round. Finally, Tama, got a proposal from Mjomba, a watchman and cleaner at the restaurant,” said Assam.

The play which was written by Mrs Lusizi Kambalame, the then lecture of the Fine and Performing Arts Department but currently a lecturer at Polytechnic was directed by Dr Mufunanji Magalasi, the senior lecture and the head of Drama section at Chancellor College.

Among the spectators were the Principal of the college Dr Richard Tambulasi who was accompanied by the college Registrar, Mr. Elias Chizimba.

“The play attracted the attention of the audience who applauded creativity of both the director (Dr Mufunanji Magalasi) and the writer. The cast were experienced drama students and included: Priscilla Gondwe (Aunt Joyce), Masankho Ligomeka (Cliff), Kellie Chikoko (mjomba), and Roselyn Dzanja (Tama),” said Assam.

The Chancellor College’s Fine and Performing Arts (FPA) Department was established in the 1980s. The Department has sections such as: Fine Arts, Drama, Music, and it hosts Media for Development (MfD) programme.

The drama section has for decades trained and graduated many drama experts who have contributed positively to the development of Malawi: they are better at problem solving and coping with stress, are more active citizens, are more innovative and entrepreneurial, and they are confidence in communication.



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