17 November 2016 Last updated at: 9:23 AM

Govt urged to repatriate Malawian girls still stranded in Kuwait

Malawi’s women parliamentarians have launched a campaign aimed at forcing government to quickly repatriate 10 Malawian girls stuck in Kuwait.

The 10 girls, together with 20 others who have since been repatriated, run away from abusive employers.

They went to Kuwait after being promised good jobs that would pull them out of financial woes. But to their surprise upon arrival, they were provided jobs that were different from the ones offered while in Malawi.


Still stranded. (Image credit-Times)

Information sourced by this publication revealed that some girls were told to work in brothels while their travel documents were confiscated by their employers.

Some months ago, government sourced money and only managed to repatriate over 20 girls but the 10 were left behind and are still stranded in Kuwait.

Thus the women Members of Parliament (MPs) have launched a campaign to bring back the girls.

According to chairperson of the women parliamentary caucus Jessie Kabwila, the campaign will also involve other stakeholders within the 16 days of activism against gender based violence.

Jessie Kabwila

Jessie Kabwila We want them back,

“I would like to be understood clearly that we want these remaining girls back home before Christmas if it will be possible. We can be getting at least three girls in a day and I hope before Christmas all girls could be here.

“So, we are asking the minister responsible to do something and to inform them that we have launched a countdown to have the girls home because when a woman is in a prison condition, it is very difficult,” said Kabwila.

The call by these female legislators to have the girls back home comes at a time when the government has told stranded Malawians in South Africa that it has no money to have them back home soon.

Over 1000 Malawians are detained at Lindela in South Africa after being caught by the police for entering and staying in the foreign country without proper documents.

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