Activist bemoans poor sanitation in Blantyre


Having in mind that a clean environment is a fundamental right for human beings, environmental activist Godfrey Mfiti has expressed dismay over levels of poor sanitation in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Unhygienic environment on the way to Wenela Depot.

Mfiti has argued that the continued dumping of waste anywhere by companies and people in Blantyre poses a serious threat on the environment.

The activist has since called for a need to have bylaws that can help on the current situation arguing that the poor sanitation is now becoming more hazardous to live for people in the city.

“It is unfortunate that our city lack enforcement of bylaws that prevents individuals in disposing human waste such as urine or faeces. Unfortunately this is not only degrading but also a public health hazard.

Godfrey Mfiti
Godfrey Mfiti: This poses peoples lives on a threat.

“Residents in parts of Ndirande have been seen disposing sewage into Mudi River. It is unfortunate that even companies are disposing liquid waste into major rivers in the city. As we approach rainy season, diseases like cholera and dysentery are common. We need to continue with environmental education and public health education. People must know their environmental rights,” said Mfiti.

However, Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Blantyre City Council (BCC) spokesperson Anthony Kasunda said people in the city need civic education on proper waste disposal arguing that they do not know the serious challenges of dumping waste anywhere.

Anthony Kasunda
Kasunda : Civic education is needed.

“The bylaws are there but we feel that people need awareness on that. If we can take the bylaws seriously, half of the population in Blantyre will be in Police cells for dumping wastes anyhow around the city and that’s what we don’t want as city council, but Blantyre is really making strides on making it to a clean city,” said Kasunda.

He further called for joint efforts with city residents in achieving a clean environment for Blantyre.

The city of Blantyre has of late witnessed mismanagement of waste such that faeces are found in public places.

Among such places is under the railway bridge near Clock Tower where catching a sight of human faeces is normal while walking on the road.



  1. The Blantyre city council should try to make public toilets especially there at rail bridge coz it’s where most people from deferent places pass through when going to catch a bus or coming from Wenela. They know from there, they won’t find another place for their problems. Not only in Blantyre city but Also in other cities. do you think a human being can walk the whole day without visiting a toilet?

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