Nsanje South West MP to construct blocks at Nyamadzere Model School

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The Nsanje South West constituency Member of Parliament, Dr Joseph Chidanti Malunga, has promised to construct some more school blocks at Nyamadzere Model primary school in the district in an effort to improve quality education in his constituency.

This follows a revelation by the school authorities that over 2,000 learners at the institution,are subjected to poor learning environment due to inadequate of school infrastructures.

Dr Joseph Chidanti Malunga sets sights on eduction development.

Speaking to Malawi24 on Tuesday during an inspection tour done by the parliamentarian to the institution,the school’s headteacher, Mr Jonzie Pitala Chosadziwa,has confirmed that learners at the school are really facing challenges.

“Just imagine,learners in 13 classes are taught under trees,isn’t that a challenge?” Queried Mr Chosadziwa.

According to the headteacher,the situation is negatively impacting the delivery of lessons as the learning process is disrupted in the event of winds and rains adding that sometimes learners are attracted to the things they observe outside,citing movement of people and vehicles.

“It’s a big challenge we are facing here,Hon. Chidanti. Just imagine,sometimes we fail to manage our classes just because learners are busy watching people or vehicles which are passing by the road in the course of learning. This impacts negatively the delivery of our work,”worried Nyamadzere primary school boss.

Established in 1979,Nsanje Nyamadzere Model primary school has a total enrollment of 2,557 learners against 5 school blocks.



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  2. Plz give full cover story is he going to use his own money orLDF, CDF bcoz a lot school blocks are constructed in various constituencies but using our own tax

  3. Eeeh akulu kumeneko ndiye muli ndi chintchito,koma ndizomwe munafunsila amangileni basi.

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