Germany gives Malawi K36 billion to improve health, education


Germany has given Malawi 45 Million Euros (K36 Billion) and hopes the money will help improve the southern African country’s health, education, and social protection sectors.

Speaking at Capital Hill in Lilongwe after signing the financial cooperation agreement, Germany Ambassador to Malawi Jurgen Borsch said the support relates to the commitments that were made during the bilateral negations in October last year.

Goodal Gondwe

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe must be very happy.

In his speech Ambassador Jurgen said just like Malawi, the Republic of Germany puts much emphasis on having an improved education and health systems and highly appreciates creation of jobs and income in rural areas.

“Today we have laid a cornerstone for our further cooperation in the areas of basic education, primary health services, social protection of the ultra-poor and private sector development in rural areas,” Borsch said.

Under the bilateral cooperation with Malawi, Germany committed to support with 102 million Euros (Mk78.6 Billion) and the 45 million Euros is part of the package.

In additional to the financial cooperation, Germany also provided the country with 4 million Euros (Mk3.1 Billion) as a response to the hunger crisis facing the country.

“Malawi also benefits from Germany’s one world – no hunger initiative and under this programme, money amounting to 16 million Euros were set aside for Malawi but looking at the situation facing the country as a result of El Nino, we have decided to add another 4 Million Euros making the total to 20 Million Euros,” he said.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe described the support as timely.

He said with the resources, he sees improvement in both education and health sectors. Gondwe also hailed the social protection support which he said would benefit many rural Malawians.

“We are grateful to the Germany government for the financial assistance particularly the social cash transfer programme which has seen more rural Malawians being economically transformed,” Gondwe said.

The finance minister said out of the total amount, 10 Million Euros will be channeled to the health and education sectors while the remaining amount will be used in the social cash transfer programme.



  1. Kkkkkkkk they say malawi is where you can more educated people but when it comes to spend government funds no auditors come up with information of how all this mult billions donations we’ve receiving how are we spending, all wgat I heard is we jst received this and that but what are you doin with all t

  2. Agalu osangogawanaso bwanji imeneyo nkhani yoti mutisokosele nayo,mwankhala mukupasidwa ndalama ngat zimenezi??ife tizituwa achana anu apitaso ku america ku xool kudyera kumbuyo kwazisilufe,zilindimathero aketu zimenezi Anthu asoka inu

  3. Why these donors continue giving this thieves donation? I don’t understand, donors must not give money to these thieves we started receiving this aid long time ago but nothing changes can u see our infrastructure, roads, towns, houses like we’re still living in dark ages they must come and make development themselves like what Chinese are doing rather than giving money to these fools.

  4. dont tell us shit about money please we are tired of you stuppid president like you inever see if we meet one day iwiill put knife on ur pussy

  5. dont tell us shit about money please we are tired of you stuppid president like you inever see if we meet one day iwiill put knife on ur pussy

  6. This Money will go in the pocket of rich people I know this shit country people are dying no food but busy wasting money for nothing you will go to Hell sure!!

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  8. Malawi readers are very fradulent instead of constructing schools or buying schools facilities to support education,that huge amount of money will go in their pockects making themselves more rich while poor people are struggling with life, our country is very hard to be developed

  9. there was a compuny that want to build a powerstation six years back but it was put on hold till now,reason is the money do belive this money is gonna help poor malawians? Mmmmm nooooo dnt knw the Germany Governmnt has thrown that money into the toilet No malawians has ever enjoyed freedom with Dpp Gvnmnt

  10. Is it possoble 5% of our PAYE go directly to DCs office and be used on development s that each district report to media at end of year?

  11. Hahahahaha, so what has been solved by this? If the president can even dare to say some of the issues happening in this country are none of his concern. This money will continue to be cashgated by our notorious leadership unless the donor party directly oversees its use in the target sector. Otherwise we are doomed to the cashgate cycle.

  12. Just tell Malawians that Germany gave money to mutharika &
    His cabinet minister. Don’t pretend in the name of Malawians when u receive aid out side Malawi.

  13. This money will go into Peter Mutharika and few cabinet ministers’s pockets ,That’s why they refuse access to information bill.Malawi will never develop.

  14. Vampires & demons cnt make a good goverment all bilions 4get about t? Nothing wil change jst pray hard to God to gv us good leaders magetsi ndi mmmene mukuwaoneramu mankhawala nde msavutike nazo ayamba kaye agawana chumacho mavuto adziko pa mbuyo mxiii

  15. Or even they gave us thillion of kwachas we cannot do somethithing which can help our government our leaders are ageing thet cannot perform like our finance minister. So aaaa! It pains me much!

  16. the past b50 yrs hv been a failure of Malawian leadership not a failure of the malawian people jst imagine the money,s but i dont think that money can improve our education systeam or our healthy instead the cost of basic need will be increased what we need is to catch a big fish our selves not always receive usipa pepan sindinatukwane apa

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  19. Better for donors to send expatriates thru the embassies to oversee how the funds are being used until the last penny. Otherwise this is Malawi, the leaders are hungry hence angry .

  20. Just share 1 million to everyone of us, then you can have the remaining either you put in proper management or you shall fill you pockets as usual. bolani ifenso tapeza poyambira then we shall regret nothing

  21. Si lero tinayamba kumva kuti dziko lakuti lapereka ndarama ku dziko lino koma palibe chomwe chikusintha,,,ndarama zikupita ku chipani kumatiphimba mmaso ndi dzina lakuti DINNER & DANCE FUNDRAISING

    • Zoonadi Madalitso, nanenso zikunditha nzeru, kuti zaka 53 yrs dziko likanali kulandirabe, mphatso kwa eni ache.
      Kaya ndi nzeru zanji kaya, kunalembedwadi choncho kuti Malawiyu adzatha kupemphapemphabe?
      Kuchokera mu utsogoleri wa Kamuzu, dzikoli lalandila mabillions a makhwacha, mwa Bakiki Muluziso, matrillion kwacha, mwa Binguso matrillioniso, mwa JB, tilephera kunena mpaka panonso, izonso ndalama, chikudabwitsa ine ndi ichi,
      Kodi akupanga nazoni ndalamazo, bora pano tikuti ma developments a Magetsi, mitseu ndi Mdazi amumipopi, Ali yayakata mumidzimu?
      Nzeru yolandira siilemeretsa, KOMA dzipangire wekha nzeru gods I than did it a.
      Pa dzaka 53 yrs ukulandilabe chilichonse, ndiye kuti waephera kupambana.
      Utsogoleri wa Malawi ukulepheretsa nzika kuti zitukuke mu mphawei tilinaou.

  22. #howmuch?#zingati? We never see nor feel the benefits of these donations and funds.change your behaviour you leaders please.All you know is building mansions even up to ten at once whilst Im dying of headache and my kid is is having no lessons at school due to unpaid teachers.#its no condemnation but just a humble plead


  24. Where does all this money go? We don’t see any improvements on the ground. In fact the more the aid money, the more we are moving backwards. Where does the money go?

  25. IN OCTOBER WE COLLECTED 71 billion in tax,,plus this we have had 100 billion plus,but I bet my ass no one says how much we spend and on what,,we are a stupid country with think this kind of style is gona put us any way,,no we way

  26. Just in these few months of 2016 we have been recelving more money that comes as a donation to the goverment of malawi from the donars but nothing is happening, our goverment is still telling us that they is no money in goverment!