ACB condemned over selective investigation of corruption cases


The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) has expressed dismay over the Anti-Corruption Bureau’s (ACB) selective approach to prosecution of graft cases in Malawi.

The development comes at a time when the investigation of some corruption cases remain stuck despite donors pumping resources towards efforts to end looting of funds meant for development.

Martin Chiphwanya

Chiphwanya: We are worried.

Reacting on the matter, the CCJP has bemoaned the trend arguing that it makes the public to lose trust in the Malawi’s graft busting body.

Speaking to members of the press in the capital Lilongwe on Thursday, CCJP National Coordinator Martin Chiphwanya said the ACB should strive for independence in handling corruption cases.

“Basically what we want is issues of fairness, there have to be a proper way of handling cases. There shouldn’t be selective application of justice,” said Chiphwanya.

He further called on the ACB to restrain from taking action under political interference arguing that some cases are now stalling because people involved have connections to the ruling party.

Among the cases that are yet to be investigated include the reported MK90 billion kwacha financial mismanagement under the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s government.



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  3. The truth is that ACB is untourchable as long as dpp is in control thus pple and organisations will continue to wail with no change as its happening!

  4. Ha! Dont bother yourself wailing over this issue, it aint gon’ change nothin’ this world is theirs but the kingdom of God aint….they shall all burn and burn they will you cant change the world thats been ruled by the devil lets just pray hard thet we wont burn with em

  5. ACB hear people’s cry don’t be biased.Prove to all Malawians that you are nutral by probing every one regardless of political affiliation.

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