9 November 2016 Last updated at: 12:13 PM

PAC asks Malawians not to be silenced by Govt

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has asked people not to be cowed into silence but to continue speaking out on things that are happening in the country.

PAC’s spokesperson Father Peter Mulomole made the remarks in an interview with the local media.

In his remarks, Mulomole said that Malawians should not be silenced by the presidency because a country’s president is not a boss but a worker employed by the people.

Fr. Peter Mulomole

Fr. Peter Mulomole;Has made the call.

He said a president is supposed to address challenges that are being faced by people in the country.

“Constitution says that those in power are elected as transits meaning to say they have to be trusted by people not to act as bosses when they are elected,” he explained.

The PAC spokesperson further said that the president is there to work for people since it his mandate.

He added that every person votes for representatives to fulfill what they promised during campaign rather than changing the agenda when they are in power.

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