Maxi Bullets curse: Civo drops into bottom

Civo United

MTV Maxi Bullets’ failure to travel to Chitowe Stadium last week for their Super League matches was a blessing in disguise for Dwangwa United but a curse to Civo Service United who have now dropped into the relegation zone with some few games left to play before the season comes to an end.

Before the weekend, the servants were placed on 12th position with 20 points from 23 games while Dwangwa United were on 14th position with 19 points from 22 games.

Civo United
Civo United affected by Maxi’s pull out.

Hours later, it was a different scenario as Dwangwa dislodged Civo without even kicking the ball as Max Bullets failed to show up, awarding the Chitowe based side all the three points in the process.

With the league now reaching the boiling point, the servants are now in the bottom of the standings with less than five games to play before wrapping up the season.

Max Bullets’ no show last week was a blessing to Chitowe based teams as Mafco FC climbed top of the league without even kicking the ball, dislodging Silver Strikers with 44 points from 23 games as the race for the championship reaches its boiling point.



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  2. Civo don’t worry U shall bounce back aaah zazing’ono limba mutima

  3. Civo don’t worry go to chipiku zmachitika U shall bounce back
    Palo nkhani apa ngatti kkkkkkkkk heheheheheheh

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