Albino lady commits suicide


A 27 year old lady born with albinism in the capital city of Lilongwe has committed suicide by hanging.

According to Lilongwe police publicist, Inspector Kingsley Dandaula said the development happened on Monday, October 31 in the city.

Inspector Dandaula identified the deceased albino lady as Tiyamike Robson who murdered herself for a reason which is yet to be disclosed.

hangingThe publicist further continued saying on this day the lady was chatting with some friends away from her home.

After a while, the deceased left friends’ home saying she was tired and wanted to rest at her house which she did but she promised to come back after a time. After the agreed time, the friends wondered why the lady was not coming back and thought of follow her to her home.

Upon arriving at her house, the friends were shocked to see her body swinging on a rope tied to the roof .

They later took her body to Likuni hospital where postmortem results are yet to be released and the matter was later reported to Lilongwe police.

Meanwhile, police has urged the general public to consult friends whenever they have problems to reduce such deaths.

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