Malawians urged to return after studying abroad

Maher El-Adawy

Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi Maher El-Adawy has urged Malawians who are offered opportunities to study abroad that they should be coming back home after completing their studies so that they can make Malawi great again.

He made the remarks on Wednesday when Egypt awarded 27 capacity building training programs to Malawians in the fields of security, health, and information.

Maher El-Adawy
Maher El-Adawy; Made the call.

El-Adawy said Malawians who get training opportunities abroad should resist the temptation of staying in the foreign countries after completing their training programs.

The Egyptian ambassador expressed hope that people being trained in Egypt can come back to Malawi and fully utilize their newly acquired knowledge and skills to help make Malawi great again.

“In Agriculture for example, Malawi used to utilize in the seventies animals to plough land, instead of moving forward to utilize machines, many farmers are using neither. In a sense farming has gone backwards,” said El-Adawy.


“When they do their training in Egypt, it is my hope that they will acquire the required skills and network to move forward and come back home to fully utilize these opportunities which can lead to making Malawi great again,” he added.

The new beneficiaries brings to 203 the training scholarships Egypt has awarded to Malawians for the year 2016.

Out of the 203, 73 are in the field of security while in 2015, 55 of the 157 Malawians who attended the capacity building training were security personnel.

According to the ambassador, security is crucial and without security no country can have investment.

“Security is a prerequisite for any development and making Malawi great again and I am optimistic about the future and no one should give up to make Malawi great again. It will take time but it is step by step and Egypt is here to help,” he said.

In her remarks, Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Grace Chiumia commended government for promoting bilateral relationships that will see Malawi developing both socially and economically as people will be imparted skills.



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  2. Not sure yet we have graduates standing on quee wait for job,thy need six yrs xprnce yet yu are just from school ,corruption is worse at home ,never come home just visit .no big companies no ……….

  3. We have reached a stage whereby if given chance to go abroad there shall be Noone in this country even the oldest people and we will all never come back.

  4. Mr. Maher should be a great joker or he has no chance to interact with grassroots malawians. Take just for instance Teachers who graduated three years ago: no serious govt. is on the scene to employee them.How do expect these people to help this country when the only tasks they are doing are pushing ‘kabaza’ and other menial works.

  5. Malawi ws rich during th reign of DR KAMUZU BANDA, tikati tionesese chitukuko anachita kale madala aja kma these presidents are even failin to renovate that ngwazi left.. skut kugwra ntchito kunja ndizimene kupangisa kut tikhale osauka, so many factors.. major 1 being population. we can be earning alot of money as botswana but when t z shared per capita, wil find that tagawana ma 1kwacha.. accompanied by envy n corruption.. democracy inatpeza fast man..

  6. Zambians just like Malawians were also journey men however I would say, when things started to show some sign of change interms of adminstration, most of them decided to go back and develop their country.,
    However the question the question is Mr Ambassador,how do you expect these western learned Malawians to come back and save their country when there is no job ?

  7. munthu akaphunzira amakhara ndinzeru malingana ndizomwe akufuna in his/her life. yemwe alindinzeru salimbila kulembedwa ntchito nde ndawona kuti anthu ambiri apa ndimbuzi zokhala pamalo pomwe zinkamangidwa kale kudikila kumangidwa koma zitamasulidwa. nonse omwe mukuti kumalawi kulibe ntchito ndinu mbuzi zopanda nzeru

    1. Zifukwa zosiila xool zilipo zosiyana, si-onse amasiya xool mwakufuna kwao so mind ur speach coz ena anasiya xool panthawi yomwe analuza owapasa feez inu ngat munaphuzila yamikani Yehova

  8. Hehehehe……Ironically they can make malawi to be a great national, Mr Maher, are u happy with how things are going here in malawi? How many people do we have who graduated abroad here? Ask them if goverment is wiling to employ them, frankly spearking Malawi is a jobless country, if they try to take your advise they will surffer here with jobless, our goverment is failing to employ graduates from Unima, so u think they can employ somebody just because he studied abroad. Mr Egyptian ambassodor, u are just talking just because u have no problems where since u are provided with everything where u are, but u don’t know what is happening here, so mind your advise!

    1. I dont like ur spirit mr mdeza.. much as i agrees with u that malawi is a jobless country,the graduates must creates jobs rather than waiting to be employed.

    2. We have been told such things, but those are just words, not all the graduates can creates jobs, will still have more jobless graduates, and before having an idea of creating job U should also think of where to get a capital, we have more jobs here in malawi, but corruption is killing us, u can’t get a job without a link here!

    3. Am of the view dat since malawi is highly indebted poor country which rely on agriculture…goverment should formulate deleberate policies to mentor the youth into enterprenureship

    4. They is alot of money in agriculture, and in this world, its not only malawi rely on agriculture, do u know that even india rely on agriculture?…..but india its not a poor country, but they also rely on agriculture, you know the story of china, china was also like the poorest country in the world which was also rely on agriculture, so why not malawi where our 80 percent of our economany rely on agriculture?…….and 80 percent of our population is in rule area where agriculture is mostly done there, so why malawi is still called the poor country which rely on agriculture yet through the same agriculture which we rely on other countries are doing good, but up now malawi is still complaining about hunger, we are sometimes still asking food from our nearbouring countries yet we our selvs we said we rely on agriculture. The isue of promoting our youth into enterprenureship every president which we had has been singing that song, but nothing good is shown up now, corraption is killing us, kumpondeleza mulimi!

    5. Munthu akakhala mulimi, azisangalala, zizionesa kuti amapha khasu, koma alimi anthu kuno ndi anthu ovesa chisoni coz mumawabela kwambiri powagula mbeu, and even kuti apeze copon ya mbeu or fertilizer amavutika coz of corruption, amalima and kumalemera anthu oti salima, ma bwana kupondeleza hvy, mulimi azakhala munthu olira mpaka kalekale ngati sitingathane ndi corruption, kupoteleza!

    6. I got ur point mr mdeza but history have shown that no country got developed because of agriculture.wat changed the economy of china n india was industrarisation.agriculture is just a good supliment to economy….mind u am talking of comecial farming here.given a chance to be a president i can relocate the pipo of lowershire n engange intensive farming there

  9. But to say the truth Mr ambassador is right,if you look back in early to late 90s Zambian’s economy wasn’t so positive,the value of their currency against neighbouring ones was very pathetic.But Zambians did not leave their country in search of greener pasture in other countries within or outside Africa they fought tooth and nail to stabilise their economy.If you look at us Malawians & Zimbabweans we are cowards of economic crisis all we can do is to leave our native land in search of greener pasture somewhere that’s y our economic growth is dwindling.I knw the truth is always painful don’t insult me just contribute in a professional manner.

    1. Kkkkkk 1 Seketsa. Ndiye Mwati Tisatani? Kkk Ok. Mwati Don’t Leave D House Just B Koz Of A Snake? Ndiye Mwati We Need 2 Kill D Snake & Enjoyo Home? Inutu U R Hummering D Nail On D Head. Ndakuomberanitu Inu,Kkkkkk Ndaombera Basi Ndaombera Mmanja

    2. Don’t forget that Kwacha was weakened by Joyce Banda regime,she didn’t just devaluate it but she consulted various stake holders to invest their intelligence into the matter like opposition parties & some senior chiefs they agreed bcoz Europeans deceived them that if they want our fuel reserves to be filled with oil we must drop the value of kwacha.So if our currency is performing poorly against the doller we don’t only have to blame the gvt,the Europeans also took part but to revive its value is not only gvts responsibility,it requires collective effort we as citizens we also have to play a role.

    3. Malan , my brother tell me how we gonna fix the economy when lots of graduates remain unemployed. The economy isn’t as bad we may exagerate.The problem remaons poor management and setting priorities upside down.Malawi is endowed with everything,but . …….. .

    4. That’s true bro Mwakoma… but tears never solve any problem..its time to take action..we can figure it out if gvt is if gvt set aside some funds for University graduates to get loan so that they may become entrepreneurs,before leaving their various University compuses they have to submit their business plans to the chancellor who would take those papers to the gvt & the gvt can take those business plans to various lending instituitions like the banks so that they csn approve their loan.I feel sorry if someone from Bunda College of Agriculture cries that he is unemployed while he is got agricultural skills its just a matters of supporting our graduates financially so that they can open up their own businesses.Even if they can make groups of 10 graduates then get a loan our country couldn’t have where it is today bcoz they would have also employed other people to benefit from their businesses as a result unemployment would be reduced.But nobody is talking about it even in the National Assembly all they know is boreholes while our graduates are leaving in search of greener pasture abroad.Vry bd.

  10. no you must not come back bccz 1 blackouts 2 low salaries 3 high tax 3 shortage of running water 4. everything is politiced 5 oppression 6 poor working conditions 7 poor road network. etc come on your own risk

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