Maxi Bullets call it quits: To stop playing games in the league


Bottom in the standings, hefty fine from Super League of Malawi (Sulom), MTV Maxi Bullets owner Max Kapanda was left with no choice but to call it quit saying it’s time to concentrate in music career.

This follows a hefty fine from Sulom for causing abandonment of their TNM Super League match against Epac FC on 8th October 2016 at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe.

MTV Maxi Bullets

MTV Maxi Bullets raise hands up.

Currently 16th in the standings with 8 points, Max Bullets were leading 1-nil against their opponents but things got worse when Ranken Mwale was fouled and the referee Leo Ngoleka applied all the 17 rules of football when he awarded the home side a free kick.

In the process, just before the free kick was taken, Epac’s Chiletso Zoya kicked the ball into the net and the referee awarded the goal to the home side but this did not please Kapanda, who, according to Sulom’s verdict, ordered his players to leave the field of play just after 20 minutes into the match.

Sulom ordered Max Bullets to pay a fine of K700 000 for violating Article 21.8 of Sulom Rules and Regulations, with Kapanda and Trevor Kajawa  being ordered to pay K150 000 each for committing various acts of misconduct after the incident.

And a week after receiving official communication from Sulom, Kapanda has announced that he has withdrawn his team from the top flight with immediate effect.

He told a local radio station that his efforts of promoting football in Malawi are being frustrated by the administrators who are pulling him down despite struggling to raise money for the survival of his team.

“We didn’t cause the abandonment of the match but the one who messed up everything was the referee and I was surprised to receive a letter from Sulom charging my club to pay such a huge fine yet they are very much aware that I struggle to raise money for the survival of the team.”

“My team will no longer play in the top flight because my efforts are being frustrated by the administrators and we have stopped doing our training sessions. It’s time to concentrate on my music career but I am done with football. It’s time to concentrate on other things,” he explained.

This means that Max Bullets will forfeit all their remaining matches as players and the technical panel is nowhere to be seen.

Sulom is yet to comment on the matter.




  1. Sulom and FAM Treat this MTV Max Bullets issue with agency otherwise the league is going nowhere. Remember it started badly while u were looking for the 16th team and you (Sulom and FAM)awarded Wizard to join through back door coz you were interested party to the team. Now the other team is pulling out without fulfilling the remaining fixtures while other teams have played both games with it. Shame to you.

  2. Sulom mist take incharge of all max bullets expences until it fulfil all its fixtures aone ngat ndi simple kuyendetsa team

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  4. The Sad Thing Is That People Look More At The Reactions Of The Teams, Than Looking At The Cause Of The Reactions. Ask Mafco! Ma Ref Amenewa, Eshi!!!

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  6. Thumbs up Kapanda its high time Sulom stop behaving likely another revenue collection body. I once heard from senior official from the refereesingano association that the ref was responsible for the mess then why punishing Max Bullets ? The sponsor is trying his bestill to raise money for the players and you aremmie also interestedge on the same meagre resources . Mwakhaula simususa fosteki.

    • I was at Silver Stadium yestarday and the guys who watched the game totaly blame the reference for the mess and they are surprised with the resolution by Sulom. This now raises more questions than answers especially as regards to their techniques used to investigate such cases. Is this what we call promoting football in Malawi? Over my foot! Bola ma Queens ndithu.

  7. Mbava za sulom mmafuna mukame yowonda ine zandinyasa apa nde mwaonetsera chinyengo chonse olakwa mukumuon koma mkulipilisa osalakwa sitizakukhulupililaniso anthu a chinyengo manyaz bwaa

  8. munthu anayesetsa mbali yake koma a sulom sitikudziwa kut ndalama amapanga nazo chan,,amwene zipitan asakuthelen chuma ndalama ikusowa anthu ngt inu amasowa,,alipo anthu amakobidi zawo koma kugulira nyanga

    • Which law r u talking about here?bootlickers, we’re two different pple in ftball circle, those who know only goals and dribbling as fball,that ftball have rules they don’t know.u r one of them,go and read what or ask what happened for the match to be abandoned?asatana ofuna kuwoneka ozindikila koma mulimbuli kuzithu zina,guru lomwe likukondwa ndichisokonekelo cha zamasewero,muthela limodzi ndi mbuyanuyo.

  9. Anduna ananena kale,ngati tikufuna mpira upite patsogolo onse alipo pano achoke Kaye,this z a straight forward issue,how can the ref allow the play to continue yet he blew whistle for a foul,and the whole committee coming out with this stupid verdict,the r all fools they don’t know anything they r only there for money,am not regretting calling them fools.kapanda u v tried ur part to help promote our ftball,u r right to withdraw ur team.

  10. Anaphwadi malamulo ampira,kaya atuluka kaya saatuluka nditimu yake koma chindapusa alipira basi.Otherwise akalipire kukhoti chifukwa polowa miligi umawerenga kaye malamulo ndipo zomwe anachita kunyanyala game nkulakwa.Chindapusacho apereke basi kuti matimu ena atengerepo phunziro kenako ngati saakufuna kupitiriza palibe vuto koma chindapusa atapereka kale.

  11. Football administrators what do u do with these huge sums paid to you as fines. Do you produce audited books of the same?

  12. Ndiye fam & sulom aziti tikupempha akufuna kwabwino kuti athandize makalabu amu superleague, chonsecho mukuwapilikitsa dala ndizilango zowawa

    • Fuso ndilakuti mpulula mukunenayo akuphuzitsa club yanji vuto ndi sulom ndichifukwa chake mpila wathu ukupita pansi. Kwathu kuno timangoweluza osatsata malamulo

  13. Poor decision from SULOM yet u know dat dis team is in extremely poverty bt u nid very huge amount of money mmmmm ts too much n ts nt fair

  14. Inde.. akulu akulu oyendetsa masewero a mpira akanamuganizira Kapanda… makanpani ndi mabungwe akulephera kupanga sponsor ma timu.. inu mukumugwira mzanu pakhosi? mukutikhomerera ife a ku cz