Chisi questions appointment of Mec chairperson


Umodzi Party president John Chisi Some has criticized the appointment of new Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson saying it should not have been done while the president was outside the country.

President Peter Mutharika, while outside the country last week, appointed Dr Jane Ansah SC as the Chairperson of MEC.

John Chisi

Chisi; procedures must be followed

However, this has not pleased Chisi who claimed that it is impossible for a president who was away to make such an appointment.

According to Chisi, the president was supposed to come into the country first before making the appointment as the manner of appointment is raising so much questions to Malawians.

“What we need to know is that the president has been given power to make any appointment but procedures must be followed. So my question is did the government follow those procedures?

“We are wondering with the appointment. It is said that the appointment was with immediate effect, so how could this happen when the one to do that is not the country? This is totally wrong, it wasn’t supposed to be in such a way,” Chisi worried.

He further said there is need for strong evidence showing that it was a decision made by the president adding that a memo from the president need to also be released to prove that procedures were followed.

He then asked the government to clarify more on the matter saying that is the only way to answer questions which people still have on the issue.



  1. Malawians,’you will see alot of bills which were not signed signed by puppetmaster. A lot is happening behind the scenes just to suit someone not malawians. Mark my words

  2. Amafuna azitipusitsa ngati zonse zili bwino…..bwanji sakuwoneka pa mbc tv president kunenapo za mothers day monga achitila nthawi zonse……mwachepa

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