Malawians angry at govt for lying about Mutharika’s health

Peter Mutharika

Malawians across the country have expressed anger at the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government for lying about the health status of President Peter Mutharika by telling the nation he was  enjoying “robust health” in the United States of America.

DPP members are reported to have been at the forefront telling half-truths about Mutharika’s health status in America where he was said to be attending government business after the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA).

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika waving his left hand after arriving on Sunday

In a move to silence social media speculations, government spokesperson Malison Ndau issued warning to the public that any person caught sharing reports that Mutharika fell ill is to be arrested.

Concurring with Ndau, party zealots on Saturday led by regional Governor Charles Mchacha took to the streets of Blantyre condemning social media reports that demanded an appearance of the president if he was strong health wise.

On his arrival on Sunday, Mutharika showed an unusual gesture of using the left hand to greet people, a development that kept the speculations over his health.

The live broadcast from Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) television proved wrong the government officials and party members as the Malawi leader was noted with swollen right hand making it more difficult to walk.

Reacting on the matter, Malawians have blamed the DPP for not telling the truth on the health status of Mutharika.

Commenting on Malawi24 Facebook page, Malawians have expressed anger at the DPP arguing that Mutharika could have been allowed to spend taxpayers’ money if officials had come open to give an explanation on the health status reports.

“You lied to us that our HE is in ‘robust health’ yet what we have is not the APM we know. This is another version of midnight. The cabinet must receive Christ. My hope is that the medical facilities at Kamuzu Palace have been improved for the best recuperation of the HE. God bless Malawi,” wrote Fortune Kanyemba.

While Kamwendo Stevie wrote “Amayenela kudikila (He could just waited) until his condition changed, vuto ndiloti (the problem is) this party didn’t want to tell us the truth about his health that’s why most Malawian were angry.”

Some citizens have also faulted the decision to have Mutharika back in his condition arguing the country does not have advanced hospitals that can help the president.



  1. Anthu a Ndale mumadabwitsa chobisila matenda nchani ?Mesa anthu ake ndi omwewa panthawi ya campain mumagwirana na chanza.kuyenda nawo pansi limodzi.Koma mukasankhidwa anthu omweaja mumawatenga kuti ndi zigawenga zofuna kupha mtsogoleri.Enanu ndi azibusa enanu ma Shekhe mukumayankhula pa ma TV .ma Radio kudzudzula anthu afuko la Malawi kuti sankufunira zabwino President wathu pomwe anrthu mukuwabisao ena amamupemhelera tsiku nditsiku kuphatikizapo inunso obisanunso. ndiye oyipa kwambiri ndi achipanio ndi atsogoleri amipingo omudyera president.kulibe Democracy ku Malawi zabodza.Fear God respect Men of God

  2. I just thanks God our President its back no mutter what Hi did to us but next time asazabwelezeso why munthu wanthu ife amalawi next time kaya

  3. Malawi wa chinsisi. Magesi kumazimazima wina akuti sakuzima magesi ndipo amene azanene kuti akuzima azamangidwa. Munthu wadwala wina akuti sakudwala, amene azanene azamangidwa. Kodi mziko muno muli akhristu? Nanga asilamu alimo? Chilungamotu apa palibe. GOD fearing nation azikhala achilungamo. Panopa ndiye dziko lamalawi lafika pa sodimu ndi gomola. Ngati simusintha expect another national disaster.

  4. Kodi zikavuta Ali konkuno mudziti abwererenso kapena timva kuti Wafela ku central. …think guys. ..anywe bisanI matenda Marilo tidzanva

  5. Bwezi titanvetsetsa michitiuza kuti akudwala nayenso ndi munthu ngati ife and kudwala its normal to every one so y kumanama .as I can see the are a lot of pipo in the government and the dpp party who want him dead coz he could have stayed much longer there and get some good treatment and come here when he is recoverd rather than forcing him to come in a shamless way like he all Malawians it is our duty to pay all the cost of his health coz he is the father of the nation and tinamusakha last question is kodi Ali

  6. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Mumatimubisa Mpakana Liti? Mwaonekera Pamtunda Iweyo Anakupatsa Chibadziwe Kuti Uzitinamizawe Mulungu Simunthu

  7. There are some pple who r speaking while their fingers point at Malawi24, noooh, malawi24 is nothing to blame, they are only v eyes and ears of Malawians, they broadcast what termed to b at its level best in accordance with strong sources, Blame should go to DPP members whom did not want truth!!!!! Dat z what we call it Black propaganda!!!!!

  8. The Goverment , u did not do well hidding the information about our president. Every one get sick. munakakhala kuti munane we could have day for prayer for every church. others thing needs God intervetion .Ngati timapephelera mvula what more about our president health.? Communicatiom its key to development.

  9. To hell with anything here but i blame those who brought there stupid style of government system, we Africans had our own life style but they have can to divide and conquer our blessed africa

  10. Y’all People Talking Crazy We Post To Know His Health Coz He’s Moreless Lyk Afather To Malawians Same U Have To Knw If Any Of Ya Family Member Gets Sick.

  11. Kunama sikwabwino book loyela limati, munthu wakuba alibwino kusiyana
    Ndi wabodza komabe onsewa kwawo kuchiwonongeko ,chonde mphunzirani kunena cilungamo pachilichonse mkalagidwile zina osati kunama .

  12. Thank God that he is now atleast okey, but please those in authority and given a chance to speak to the nation on the condition or what ever the president is doing, should speak the truth and only the truth, in that way, we shall be able to pray for the good health of our leaders. Dont hide any sickness because everybody gets sick on earth. Anyway wishing him a quick recovery if he is sick but if he is not as you put it that he is in good health then you are the only ones who will wish him good health and pray for him sine you are the ones knowing everything about his health, but just know that God knows anything that is kept in secret no matter what.

  13. A malawi24 ndinu mbuza za wanthu….. munayambako mwalemba chilichose cha tsogolo koma???? u always side with the devil…mxiuw

  14. #If indeed he was sick & he spent time in the hospital, It was better to address to the people of Malawi to let them know what has happened to their leader than just hiding the truth. Because us people we are the one we put him in the office. So indeed we have to know what is going on with him at any time because he is our leader & the father of the nation??????

  15. It’s You so called Malawi24 who was prodicasting this news. What’s are you trying to say here? Ife tinazinvera kuti zimenezi? Mayesa tinazinvera kwa Iweyo? KODITU NTHAWI ZINA UMATI MALOZA NDI A AMBWIE ALI AKO OMWE! Usamale ndi Maboza akowo.

  16. The followers are most useless than the officials, thats what i see you all panicking for nothing the president was enjoyed himself overseas and you was busy opened your dirty mouth and talking different issues about him now his back and you stil talking u didnt change,, here is my questions to all useless fellow malawians who was opened up there unclean mouth..what do you get after bursted your mouth?

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  18. End he used a left hand powaweva anthu …de funso iz y?? End he didn’t tell us mmene anayendela de funso z y??? Dey said atolankhani asapite den kuxnthaso kut apite but palibe ndi mmozi yemwe anawayankhulako apresdent de fuso iz y??? Kkkkk ka troke kayambika bisani akafa ziwalo zenizeni muzalengezesa pano kankono kokha mubise ndithu koma tkumanvabe olo muzibisa iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  19. He’s toying with the precious people who literally put him into power,,the reason why they all lied about his health or what have you,, is based on the fact that,Peter has a green card in American that makes him a citizen,in addition to that;American law states that one has to be in the country for a duration of a month yearly, apparently thus what Mr President did…..

  20. Awa wa ndi manyapidonti, they normally think of there own but as the president he is a person he needs tonrestband being a human being the body has to experience that and it needs for treatment not the gurus who failed to tell the nation on the first gentleman’s health. It was just a straight forward thing to disclose to the nation on his status and the country would have understood.

  21. bwanji nkhaniyi simunangoyilemba muchichewa, mpaka munthu osadziwachizungu akukuposani, komandiye mukutichititsa manyazitu, kukakamila kuchita post nkhani ndiyosathyakuka yomwe? guys let’s be serious osapanga phuma izi zimafunika kudekha, kupanga edit bwinobwino.

  22. So you know that the President is not well, what are going to do about it???? Mmmmmmm………. You yourself, when you are sick, your brothers or your parents amapita mmisewu ndikumalalikila kuti mukudwala ndipo simuchira nawo matendawo? Shame on you!!

  23. Ku Malawi muli ndi chipongwe kwambiri chifukwa simunalandilepo civil war.Muzaiona.Ma bulundi amangoti ana awa sadathawepo pholophplo!

  24. Ndichifukwa chani a malawi mulimbikila zithu zoti inuso mumachita. Mudzibitsa matenda a gogo anu ndiye wat about the president

  25. Malawians have always been understanding people! They understand every human being gets sick, including the president! Why hide about the sickness of the president? Why torture him by parading him before masses in pain and visibly paralysed, why? …. And who is the man behind all this nonsense? This is ‘mwikho’ of the highest order! These zealots, politbeuro as referred in media circles need to be exposed and stoned death in publick! Nonsense! …. I am angry, very angry!

    1. Ine ndilibe bwana koma Yehova yekha amene ndikadwala amandichilitsa popanda kupita ku chipatala! Ndimapeza chipambano mwa Yesu yekha.Inu balilani mkusalapa kwanuku koma mudziwe kuti tsiku lowawa la Yehova layandikila.

  26. promise salima galu iwe basi kumayakhula zopusazo iwe mbudzi azikweza ndi agogo ako wamva ansatana inu chinsiru cheni cheni iwe

  27. No who is peter to the nation if any thing happen him is good tha malawians must know despite kusiyana zipani kapena nkhani za zochitika mukulamulira kwake osabisa ngati mumadwara apresident tathokoza kuti muli bwino Mlungu alemekezeka

  28. Ngakhale adakakuuza zoti president akudwala, mukadakharaso oyambirira ufuna kut amwalire ngat mumatha kulengeza zinthu zopanda umboni ndiye mukadakhala zoti umboni wapezeka ndiye bwenzi zitafika pati, chasalano apa tungowayikiza mapephero abwana musamayiware zot utsogoler uli onse umachoka kwa Mulungu


  30. Mike wandiyankhulila maganizo abwino kwambiri Mulungu amukhuze President wathu pamene akulandila thandizo ndi ma docter ake.

  31. “ine nilibe plobrem” guyz limember mau a APM coz iyeyu alibedi polobulemu koma zitsi~~~ zomwe zimati amagwira ntchito zina ku u.s.a tiziti ntchito yakeamakolopa ku toilet kwa obama ndiye anagwa ndi kubinya coz azathu aja amapolisha pansipanso ngati nsapato kodi ndichoncho?…………………lbmd@ LL city

  32. For 2019 we dont hv to ly bcs satan each n every day he is making a plan bt zere is different with cz God himself hv responsibility to confirm hs plans while dave is creation dat being drived by de creator.dikirani muchiyero ayankha sachedwa safulumira…

  33. What ever ur saying here can not make u clever nor rich just mind ur on business guys u will not gain anything leave him is nothing to our lives is eating the money himself

  34. Iwe uzimvetsa zimene akunena anthu iwe ndiwe ndani kumalawi uyu wadwalau ndi mtsogoleri wa dziko anayenela kumpatsa ulemu akanamusiya komweko azilandila chithandizo koma inu anyachusa a DPP munazolowela munthu akamwarila mkumati tiyeni kuchipatala ku S AFRICA kodi marilo amita nao kuchipatala chimene mungadziwe ku hospital kulibe mankhwala amarilo tumizani matenda ku chipatala ngati wamwalila kale tiuzeni ife tisamapite kumunda marilo ali mnyumba

  35. Adm mbuzi wakwiya ndani or adakatiuza tidakatani mukuchita manyazi ndi zomwe mumalemba kuti wafa ndiwani okumbira dzenje mzake adzagweramo ekha ofa lero safa mawa sinu mulungu yehova amakonda aliyese usakondwe ndi Mavuto anzako, ndipo ndikupempha ambuye pano kuti atsutsane ndi oipa ose mudzina LA Jesus Christ, kod anthu ose adwalawa mumalengeza

  36. If a person is sick he or she reports to the boss to say am not feeling well so am not coming to work because Malawians r the ones who employed Peter so they have to know where there employee is why is absent to work without reporting?

    1. Iwe t captain Ine sindingamuuze pitala bwampini ayi fukwa sibwana wanga ndimauza bwana wanga ndikadwala. Nde iyeuja bwana wake ndiamalawi ayenekela kunena kwa amalawi kuti sindilibwino fukwa ndiamene anamulemba ntchito nde usamati fwifwifwi apa iyayi wajomba kuntchito kwa mwezi, chifukwa chomuchosela chakwanila apa achoke basi apo biii akomoka ngati m’bale waketu

    2. Musiyeni Caputeni’yo anazungulira mutu akali mwana n’chifukw sakutha kusiyanitsa pakati pa olemba ndi olembedwa. Peter akuyenera kupereka sick report apo biii, wajomba.

  37. Am angry with you Malawi24. I dont know which Malawi are you? Malawi is known better by its culture, hhhu,,,, respect. He is a human for your own information.

  38. zonsezi zikuchitika chifukwa choti Mulungu sanavomeleze kuti bwanawa anawina chisankho,u can hate opposition parties or any person but God knows why this things r hpnng to him, to resign is a gud solution than to loose his life for position, just repent n receive Jesus as ur saviour Mr president.

  39. I think its the government to get angry on media houses for lying to the malawians that the president is died…..koma malawi wafikapo,where r we heading to?????

  40. Which Malawians.,,,,shud w b updated on issues to do with national security ‘akudwala si ambuya anu, ts a president w r toking about’ sitinangonena paliponse…..atleast am not angry

    1. president is sick u tell everyone next thing reporters searching in hospital.,,,,worse still t goes with capacity media pressing for his capacity convincing pple h z incapacitated. I still find president’s sickness sensitive

  41. Mmmm Amike mvula,ameneyu simunthu wamba ngati iweyo kapena ine,President wa Dziko akadwala amayenela aliwuze dziko kuti akudwala,chifukwa adasankhidwa ndi anthu mpando umenewu.Kodi kusanenako kapena paja Amalawife ndi mfiti akuopa tingamumalize?kumaganiza zinazi mukamafuna kulankhula plz.

  42. Thats how they killed bingu and keep it a secret,after his death anthu adyela a dpp,but dont forget he is a father and his family need him more and they love him truly not like you who just want to use him for your personal gain,let him resign,and right honourable chilima if you became the president of these country punish anyone who is envolved in peters death,anyone who hide his sickness must be punished,but for now watch your back boss

  43. Ine ndingoti president abweleleso akapitilize kulandila thandizo lake komano a Ndau tikhale nawo Paso amatuza kuti Peter sakudwala ndi mmene alilimu nkono alibe ndizinthu zonvesa chisoni kwambili bwanawa abwelele mbuyo kaye

  44. kkk kuterko mtumbuka suzatheka busy ku thokaa shit ndye or munene zoti peter akudwala olo asadwele vuto lanu ndi chani kuterko mukuona ngti mugalowe ku presidents kkk ku president ndi wa lomwe basi

  45. It is just unfortunate that there is conflict of philosophies between government and people because people have the right to know the whereabouts of their president and in a contrary view the government thinks it is degrading to do so and it can create a certain atmosphere.

  46. The government minister of information must apologize to the Malawians for all the sagger they have made last wk ,they threatened to arrest us for spreading the information about president health, say that all were lies but pple were saying the truth,while the minister standing on air telling the Nation lies ,now what minister of information must do is 1: must apologize to the nation, 2: and do the right thing to step down immediately

  47. ᵀʰᶦˢ ᶦˢ ˢᵒ ˢᵐᵃᶫᶫ ᵗᵒ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵉᵛᵉᶰ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ ᵇʳᵒ⋅ ᴰᵒᶰᵗ ᵗʳʸ ᵗᵒ ᶜᵒᶰᵗᶦᶰᵘᵉ ʳᵉᵃᵈᶦᶰᵍ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵉʸᵉˢ ʷᶦᶫᶫ ˢᵗᵃʳᵗ ᵗᵒ ʰᵘʳᵗ ˢᵒᵒᶰ ᶦᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ˢᵗᵒᵖ⋅ ᵂʰʸ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵗᵒᵖ﹖⋅⋅⋅⋅ᵍᵒ ᵃʷᵃʸ ᵇʳᵒ ᵃᶰᵈ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵗʰᵉ ᶰᵉˣᵗ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉᶰᵗ⋅ ˢᵗᵒᵖ ʳᵉᵃᵈᶦᶰᵍ ᵃᶫʳᵉᵃᵈʸ﹗ ᴵ ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ʷᵃᶰᶰᵃ ᵍᶦᵛᵉ ᵘᵖ ʳᵉᵃᵈᶦᶰᵍ﹖⋅⋅⋅ʷᵉᶫᶫ ᵒᵏ, ʸᵒᵘ ʷᵒᶰ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵗᶦᵐᵉ, ᵇᵘᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ˢʰᵒᵘᶫᵈ ᵍᶦᵛᵉ ᵐᵉ ᵃ ᶫᶦᵏᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ʷᵃˢᵗᶦᶰᵍ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵗᶦᵐᵉ ᵃᶰᵈ ˢᵗʳᵉˢˢᶦᶰᵍ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵉʸᵉˢ ᵗʰᵒ

  48. Immedietly You’re Told That Your President Is Dying..See What Can Happen To Your Economy. See How Thieves Within The Goverment Circles Can Make Themselves Rich Over Night. See How Investors Who Have Confidence In The President Can Panic. Imagine How Your Country Can Be At Security Risk And How ‘Take Over’ Issues Within The Party (Politics) Wouldl Develop In Case He Kicks The Bucket. Meanwhile Pray He Doesn’t Die. Besides, What Good Is In Hearing Your President Has Breathed His Last?

    1. We wont gain anything if he dies indeed more over there will be a waste of public funds malawi is already struggling with finances and now pipo r thinking of death of our leader not knowing that the funeral itself is going to last the little funds we have as a country

  49. If The Presdent Is Indeed Ok He Shud Fire All Hiz Cabinet And Advisors 4 Lying Tu Malawians, Let Then One By One Resign Startn Wit Gondwe And Ndau Den Kaliati Cause Everyone Has Seen It Himself,fire.,,fire Them Afta All Theyr All Dunderheads.

  50. Inenso monga mzika ya dziko la malawi ndili okwiya kwambiri,president ndi father of our nation & alinso ngati wantchito wathu.Ndiye inu a dpp mumabitsa chifukwa chani?coz munayenera kuudza mtundu wa a malawi zakudwala kwa president wawo kuti azimuikidza m’mapemphero,apa meaonetseratu ufiti wanu kodi nanga akanakhala kuti wamwalira mukanabisanso?nanga maliro mukanaika komwe analiko?chonde inu anthu andale khalani ndi mtima okonda mzika za dziko la malawi.Zonsezi zangoonetsa kuti mulibe nawo ntchito anthu anu thats why muli anthu ozikundikira nokha anthu oipa inu

  51. A Dpp just call Bushiri or T.BJoshua to pray for Mutharika for speaking evil to Gods servants loh.just humble yourselves .wozikweza Yekha Mulungu amamutsitsa.bisani matenda maliro timva.

  52. A Dpp just call Bushiri or T.BJoshua to pray for Mutharika for speaking evil to Gods servants loh.just humble yourselves .wozikweza Yekha Mulungu amamutsitsa.bisani matenda maliro timva.

    1. Mmmm abale tinene kt yense odwala ndiyekuti ananyoza mtumiki wamulungu?bwanji mulungu amakhululukila omunyoza .pali ena amati kulibe Mulungu koma still ali ndimoyobe Mulungu ndiwachikondi amakonda aliyense.

    2. hahahahaaa zinazi ukamva kupweteketsa mutu. kodi pakati pa Mulungu ndi Bushiri tikadwala tiitanire kwa ndani?.

    3. A Promise Salimaaaaa!!!!! mpaka liti mukhale mukupembedza munthu??? kumbukirani kuti Mulungu siosewera naye inu mukamatsekula mmimba,kusanza kunyololoka makosi mumakhala mwanyowza atumiki a Mulungu???Think twice before u talk ngati ukulephera kuzisamala wekha ungakwanitse kutumikira mtundu wa anthu??? to hell with your nonsense mixxxxwww

    4. A malawi mukuchedwa ndikupembeza munthu kusiya Mulungu. A Bushiri ndi a businesi sanatumidwe ndi Mulungu anthu otumidwa ndi mulungu samagulitsa ma chilitso. Ngati anatumidwa ndi mulungu ndikuwapempha apite ku Queens akachilitse odwala. Yesu amayendera wodwala ndikuwachiza ndipo akachira amawauza musakaulule kuti ndiine ndakuchilitsani. Tiyeni timupemphe Mulungu kuti awachize A President athu. onse olimbana ndi boma alimbana ndi Mulungu. Roman 13

    5. a promise wo angokhala achibwentete, munthu wanzeru sangalembe zopusazi. asatidwalitse mitu uyu Adzalira mosalekeza atamva zoti makolo ake adwala mosachizika mpomwe azakumbukire kuti kuli yesu not stupid bushiri n joshua, God forgive u idiot ????

    6. No no. God is full of love, meorcy and grace. Curses are from evil. He who forgives is God’s. False prophets are among us. The bible recognizes them in 2 Peter 2:1. What false prophets do is1 John 4:1-5 and Mark 13:22. How can we know them is by Rev 2:20 as with Bushiri

    7. No no. God is full of love, mercy and grace. Curses are from evil. He who forgives is God’s. False prophets are among us. The bible recognizes them in 2 Peter 2:1. What false prophets do is1 John 4:1-5 and Mark 13:22. How can we know them is by Rev 2:20 as with Bushiri. Mutharika was right ndipo sapepesa chief.

    8. Nkhani ndiyoti mkuluyi anabela pachomisankho nde mulungusanakondwe ayi moti kwasala pang’ono kuti tikasonkhane kundata kukapelekeza nkuluyi kkkkkkk paja amakumbilatu mandatu anthu amenewa moti boma silizaluza makobili iyayi okumbila

    9. Yes let him repent the bible says do not touch my annoited talk bad about God’s annoited you die like a dog.

  53. Eeeee a Malawi ndife anthu ovuta sitizatheka mumafuna munthu abwere apa wabwera mwayambanso kukamba nkhani zina eish too much kulongolola moti tizipanga zoti zitithandize koma busy kupanga zamunthu wina basi

    1. Lingson Brassioh i think you are a witch how can you enjoy when you heard rumours that some one has passed away, do you think you will live forever ?

  54. Anthu enanu ndizisilu kwabasi, ngakhale mutadziwa kuti akudwala ngakhale osaziwa palibe chomwe mungachitepo kapena kupindulapo mutadziwa. Komabe poti mwina enanu ndi nthakati zazikulu m’Malawi muno ndiye mwina munakapindula chifukwa munakachita chotheka kuti amwalire, ndiyebe ine ndingokupepesani kuti pepani pokuzembesani zamatenda a president, ndi ngokupemphani kuti bambo anu kapena mayi anu akamazadwala muzaziwise mtundu wa a Malawi kuti azakuthandizeni kudwazika matendawo

  55. We still have the same problems in Malawi of hiding the health status of an individual that is why even during death,we often here anafedwa saying”it was natural death”pamene achipatala ati its HIV.Mutharika is not immune to sickness jst like any other person so letting the country aware of his health situation could have been better.This is 2016 and DPP led government seems not to learn from there mistakes of back then in 2012 when they flew a dead person to South Africa and being in denial of his death.

  56. Padziko lapasi lino alipo osadwala?sono inu mumabisa chani?malo moti tigwilane manja polifunira dziko lanthu zabwino inu basi bessy tikumangani,inuso mwayiwala kuti unyolo wamulungu ukudikira inuyo?osadwa ndimulungu basi.mafuno abwino kwa amalawi ose okonda chilungamo ndimtendere.

  57. Koma anyhu inu mwagwa nayo basi zomwe mumafuna sizinachitike.Mulungu alinaye cholinga ameneyu.Ndindani amene amanka nalengeza zakudwala kwa bambo wake kapena amai ake kapena mchimwene wake palibe.Ameneyi ndiMtsogoleri wadziko ndithu komanso wachipani cha DPP.DPP 2019 Boma kaya mufune musafune zidzatero ndithu mpaka 2024

  58. We still have the same problems in Malawi of hiding the health status of an individual that is why even during death,we often here anafedwa saying”it was natural death”pamene achipatala ati its HIV.Mutharika is not immune to sickness jst like any other person so letting the country aware of his health situation could have been better.This is 2016 and DPP led government seems not to learn from there mistakes of back then in 2012 when they flew a dead person to South Africa and being in denial of his death.

  59. Chachilendo palibepo apa chifukwa nduna zomwezi ndizimene zimkakana zija kuti Bingu wamwalira, nde ngati amkabisa maliro, mukuyembekeza kuti akananena zamatenda aPeter?

  60. AMalawi 24 muli ndi problem pa APM serious, koma amene amakutumaniwo chomwe mungaziwe ndichakuti si Mulungu, angakhare munthu akhare oipa koma chomwe mungaziwe ndichakuti Mulungu amamukondabe ndikumupasa moyo wautali ndicholinga chakuti kufuna kwa Mulunguyo kuchitidwe, kodi inu mukadwara mumaziwisa aliyense mesa mumachita kunena kuti chonde muwauze ana kuti asamanene kuti munyumbamu muli matenda, im nt a fan of APM and i wil never be koma mwamuyenjeza,

  61. My friend, who so ever is behind this publication, must very stupid. WHICH MALAWIANS?.. Edit ur nosense or stop dragging all of us into ur stupid and impossible ambitions. Am amalawian but am not angry so who are u to insinuate that malawians are angry as if we are all. U must be very stupid indeed… LET ME CHALLENGE U GUYS,,, The more u turnish the image of APM the more u are cementing the love his supporters hv for him.. Accept the reality APM is president of republic of Malawi. Whelther ur stupid regional parties do not accept so wht..????. He will continue enjoying his benefits, free electricity, water, airtime, insurance, transport, accomodation, food every thing paid for by u and ur fellow idiots turnishing his image. He will continue doing that so long he wishes and any candidate he will sell to us WE ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR… AND HE SHALL AUTOMATICALLY WIN…… once again stop claiming Malawians are angry when its u and ur fellow idiots!

  62. Chenjera posaka Malawi mwayi wako utha kukhala nyambo.komabe imva ufulu sinsimatu ayi. Evison Matafale the late..keep updating da nation bt tek care ma caders

  63. Pa Malawi too much ufiti , ndi Dziko losauka lopanda mfuti ,Koma lokupha mwankhanza through Magic , please let him enjoy his position , do not kill him . How many Presidents are you going to kill ? Please let him enjoy his position , his time it’s still more !

    1. if Malawians can kill through magic they heal through it too,its childish beliefs like these that make Malawi dziko losauka

    2. evance ndiwe chitsiru, mesa mukumupha ndinu kumbisa matenda ake then kumutulutsaso mchipatala asanachire, nde mkumati akumupha ndi amalawi iwe ndi nyan eti, osapanga zoti munthu achire bwanji

    1. True he must resign then ho back to America asakokote tindalama tatsalati ana ake akudya bwino kwa America uko pamene kumeneko ana akufa ndi njala

  64. This is the president of our national,,,,,government would have told us the truth about his personal healthy so that every citizen should take a minute of silence to pray for quick recovery,,, why government still hiding about his healthy as if he is a only party president or union president?????

  65. Its u malawi24 who wanted 2 take his lyf thinking dat u may tek over the throne as u did to Bingu bt u failled. Tell the 1 hu deligated u to wait 4 2019 bt dont expect a win, only ur papa devil will give u chance to take care of rose under water. which malawian r u talking about? terrible indeed, look @ urself, u health? why taking medicine every day, yes ur papa devil kills bt why cant hill u and be healthier? its amazing, he really have a great deception of hell.

    1. Rorben, ndiwe chitsiru nde mukuti Mr president alibwino? mukuoza munthu bwanji, mesa mumati akunjoya life ndikunjoya kumeneko? a malawi24 alibe vuto koma inu a Dpp musamukakamize munthu muloren apite kuchipatala, amalawi tidzasangalala osati izi ayi, iweyo Rorben ndiwe chitsiru ali abambo ako ungamasangalare ndizimenezi? kuwakakamiza abambo ako kugwira ntchito akudwala? kapena kuwatulutsa mchipatala asanachire? muziganiza musanayambe kudzudzula amalawi 24 amangolemba nkhan osati kunyoza munthu.

    2. an2 enawa adagwa pamoto ali ana monga uyu mukut Rorben ndie oterewa osamawatengera zao,cz anormal peson cnnot spk lik dat mot among o malawians hu r complning of de issue iweo Roben nde ungkhle wazeru mpak ufka ponyoza aMalawi24 chosecho kt iweo ukhle nd mpata oyankhula manyi akowo wawereng zomw aMalaw24 alemb nde ungwanyoze alakwtsa pat popez iwo nd ntchto yao LEARN 2THNK 2CE B4 USAY!

    3. that’s soundable comment, wakuvawava,i like dat, indeed mw 24 and mw punch are the 1st killing de president with dere envil minds zkuonetsera2 kutmphavu zao zkuchokera pans pa nyanja bushri nd amay jb are de 1z behind dis, but GOD Z WATCHING

    4. Which God are u talking about, do u know God hu med the universe or gods of clay, stons, woods and the lyk. wake up, hav tym to read Roman 16:18.

    5. ROBERN ndwe opeper, coz mwana sangafunire zoipa bambo ake.lyk us we cnt wish bad 2 our father peter….inuyo mukafuna kulemba zot mukome muziganiza kaye zolemba zake osati zopepera ngat zimenez

  66. Mwachodule anthu akwiya xhifukw aapresident abwera amoyo. Akufuna akanafa. Nde ndimoyooip a kwambiri. Nde minakadziwa mukanatni?

  67. Vry angry indeed. Yense obadwa kuchokera kwa munthu wamkazi amadwala regardless of education or position. So chobisira matenda ndichani?

  68. Ndi angati mwaife amene timalengeza mmudzi kuti tadwala kapena m’bale wathu wadwala?

    Ndi angati mwaife amene timakonzekela kudwala kapena kufa?

    Ndi angati mwaife amene angaimike zanja mmwamba kuti sanadwalepo?

    Ndi angati mwaife amene amasangalala ndikudwala kwa okondendwa wake?

    Kudwala sikufa
    Imfa sichinthu chophweka
    Moyo wamunthu umabwela kamodzi ndipo umachoka kamodzi.

    1. Ndiwe wabodza timadziwitsa achibale kuti abwere adzatizonde komanso kutiyikiza mmapephero NDE Peter azibale ake ndiomwe anamuvotera akanadziwitsidwa kuti azimufunira kuchila mwansanga

    2. uwe ndiye zeru uribe iwe ndi msogoreri waziko mmafanana inu ndinu athu amene mmabweresa mavuto mziko mwathu muno ugwade pasi upephere kwa mlungu akupase zeru

    3. Ukashosha mavu dala ukuyenera kulumidwa! bvuto anthufe timafuna tioneke anzelu pagulu la anthu pamene mmutu mwathu munadzaza maji anchithaphwi nde pepa #Mike mtumbuka nzanga frm now up on ukamakhala dziwa kuti aliko anthu amene ali ndi nzelu kupotsa iwe

    4. Ngati dziko limalipira president thru tax tikuyenra kudziwa choona!!! Do yo kno now everything including ordinary mchere tikulipira??? So tikuyenera kudziwa his whereabouts, zomwe akuchita n his healthy too ndife amene tinamuvotera..apapa akanakhala kuti dziko analiuza chilungamo palibe akanawapanga force kuti abwere dziko muno tikanawasiya alandire nthandizo moyenerera!!!!

    5. Zimawoneka zophyeka wina akamadwala kma munthu amene ali ndi nzelu sangamasangalare zoti peter akudwala sikuti kudwalako wachita kufuna ai kma ndi nthawi yake yamukwanila

    6. Ndaona kuti mbuli zikadalipobe iwe Idah palibeso za privacy apapa munthuyu ndi mtsogoleri wadziko mmene anachedweramo ntchito yathu inaima chikanakhala kuti ali ku holiday zikanamveka koma anthu amanenanena bcoz samaoneka!
      Nde mmene amaonekera muja ungafune kuti azigwirabe ntchito? Mesa akangokhala konko azilandira chithandizo kusiyana ndikuno, nde mmuthandizako chani? Inu ndamene muli ndimaganizo opha mtsogoleri agalu inuuuu!

  69. Mmalo moti anene anthu awaike mumapemphero angobisa. Kodi angamufunire zabwino Peter ndi ndani? Mesa anthu omwe mukuwabisilawo? Bisani matenda koma maliro tizamva. Sitizanena wangomwalira asanadwale. Yonse bhoo Joe Gwaladi.

  70. Inu zibwana ayi munabisa munabisa basi koma pano ndealiyese wadziwa zamatendawo. Muntu wamkulu abwelele basi kaya akakhala mwezi ingati koma abweleko atachila basi.

    1. Kodi iyeyo mesa ndi mtogoleri wa dziko? Anthu mukukanika kumvetsa chani? Kudwala kwake kukukhudzanso dziko lonse la Malawi. Therefore the good time the people know the better it is for them. Why? They are the ones who voted him into power. And its a Constitution requirement as well. The moment he became state president he ceased being seen by just a few bunch of people. In addition, the trip he went was a state one as such we were entitled to that brother. He is not only a political party leader, but a nation leader. Think about it.

    1. True DPP fanatic you jst hate pple from this region. Why pointing fingers at innocent pple, many pple are commenting abt HE’s health… blaming othr pple wont change his health. Tribalism at its best thats why this country will remain poor because of pple like you.

  71. Am a DPP supporter koma zomwe zachitikazi six in and I sang a late, munthu aliyense amadwala ndiye kudwala kwa a president sakanayenera kubisa. Afufuze yemwe amayambitsayo amuchotse pampando.

    1. Mukunama inu akanangonena bwezi kuli chipwilikiti kuno, it’s good kuti tazionera tokha apapa, now he can go abroad for treatment. Amalawi sitizatheka antah, this is politics aaaah

    2. Kd akamatitu politics ndikuganiza mkosiana,ngat amadwaladi yemwe anabisayo ndie amaziwa kuendesa dziko,kukhala president ndikukhala bambo wapanyumba ndizinthu ziwiri zosianat

    1. Xo mukumapindula chan mukamakhalira kumangomunena munthu en jxt imagine m’bale wanu akudwala en an2 akukamba zambir xem as ur doing,,hw can u feel??

  72. dPP ndinu zisilu mumawongati ngati poti ndipresindent ndiye sangadwale .Mukufuna afe ngati mukulu wake ,president akafa nose adpp tizakuphani

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