17 October 2016 Last updated at: 9:37 AM

Malawians angry at govt for lying about Mutharika’s health

Malawians across the country have expressed anger at the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government for lying about the health status of President Peter Mutharika by telling the nation he was  enjoying “robust health” in the United States of America.

DPP members are reported to have been at the forefront telling half-truths about Mutharika’s health status in America where he was said to be attending government business after the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA).

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika waving his left hand after arriving on Sunday

In a move to silence social media speculations, government spokesperson Malison Ndau issued warning to the public that any person caught sharing reports that Mutharika fell ill is to be arrested.

Concurring with Ndau, party zealots on Saturday led by regional Governor Charles Mchacha took to the streets of Blantyre condemning social media reports that demanded an appearance of the president if he was strong health wise.

On his arrival on Sunday, Mutharika showed an unusual gesture of using the left hand to greet people, a development that kept the speculations over his health.

The live broadcast from Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) television proved wrong the government officials and party members as the Malawi leader was noted with swollen right hand making it more difficult to walk.

Reacting on the matter, Malawians have blamed the DPP for not telling the truth on the health status of Mutharika.

Commenting on Malawi24 Facebook page, Malawians have expressed anger at the DPP arguing that Mutharika could have been allowed to spend taxpayers’ money if officials had come open to give an explanation on the health status reports.

“You lied to us that our HE is in ‘robust health’ yet what we have is not the APM we know. This is another version of midnight. The cabinet must receive Christ. My hope is that the medical facilities at Kamuzu Palace have been improved for the best recuperation of the HE. God bless Malawi,” wrote Fortune Kanyemba.

While Kamwendo Stevie wrote “Amayenela kudikila (He could just waited) until his condition changed, vuto ndiloti (the problem is) this party didn’t want to tell us the truth about his health that’s why most Malawian were angry.”

Some citizens have also faulted the decision to have Mutharika back in his condition arguing the country does not have advanced hospitals that can help the president.

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