8 October 2016 Last updated at: 8:47 AM

Technical lecturers face chop over lack of commitment

Malawi government through the ministry of labor, youth and manpower development has warned technical college lecturers against dodging work in order to attend to personal businesses.

Mussa: Turns ire on technical lecturers.

Mussa: Turns ire on technical lecturers.

Minister responsible Henry Mussa said his office has received reports of lecturers not carrying out their duties a development that has been deemed to be killing government efforts to provide skilled labor in the country.

Mussa added that reports show that some lectures have opted to have their private institutions providing technical skills.

“Believe you me, we have eyes and ears, we are getting information and once proven, the lecturers will be disciplined accordingly.

“In my view,there is no way you can transfer a problem to become another problem, the best way is to show them exit doors once and for all,” said Mussa.

Malawi government introduced technical colleges as one way of boosting skilled labor in the country.

The colleges have since been taken as a solution to solve unemployment issues among Malawian youths.

Meanwhile, the African Development Bank (ADB) has pumped in K29 billion for the technical skills initiatives and seven higher learning institutions are to benefit from the funding.

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