Joyce Banda betrayed Malawian Women – Chanco book


A newly launched book titled “Women in Politics in Malawi” by Chancellor College (Chanco), a constituent college of University of Malawi (UNIMA), has disclosed that women in the country are to experience shakeups in joining politics due to former President Joyce Banda’s leadership.

The book further claims that Banda’s failure to succeed in the 2014 tripartite election has diminished the trust in women leadership for the country.

Joyce Banda

Joyce Banda killed the spirit in Malawian women.

Concurring with Chanco’s book, political scientist Henry Chingaipe said Banda’s leadership strengthened a perception that women cannot perform well in leadership positions.

“Her leadership has led to strong perception, because Joyce Banda was the first female president she has been taken as a yardstick to measure performance of every woman in the country,” said Chingaipe.

Reacting on the development, Banda’s spokesperson Andekuche Chanthunya said Malawians continue judging the former leader as a politician not a woman who has been recognized on the international scene.

Chanthunya added that Banda started receiving awards before joining the political world.

During the 2014 elections 33 women were voted to the National Assembly, 10 less than the 43 women voted as legislators in 2009.



  1. Chancellor College book is
    Written by Monday coaches.
    They did not follow event propery. Since Makiyolobasi programme JB had been under heavy male opposition in the name of Masangwi group which powerfully was against female leadership in preparation for APM to succeed Bingu. DPP was in full control of events despite Bingu’s death. He made sure all strategic positions were maned by his cronies.
    Just as APM is doing now. The two year period was full of dramas. Fellow women were in full trottle against her. Kabwira and White made sure she is discredited and fully participated in demos against her. Do you hear of White now? Are conditions better than JB’s time now? Where is Kapito on big issues. The whistle has gone silent.


  2. Suzgo lithu tikuchimbirira pakupavota ise amalawi, tikuganizira yayi vanamachero Joyce Banda wakawevye suzgo lililose kuti wafumile pamupando. Kweni chifukwa tikuwangandise wakusambira chomene or ngandiae wakumanya ndale chomene, ndicho chifukwa ise amalawi tisuzgikenge mupaka muyaya. Chomene mwanyithu pakati, na kumwera ganizani makora pakuvota suzgo likhuza chalo chose chamalawi

  3. Offcouse you are we’ll educated than me but I can’t agree with you you that Joyce is the failure ,other things need to help each other Malawians people having problems needs God to entervin that is selfishness and jealousy sitifuna mai akhale patsogolo ndiye amai angatani komaso amaiso nawo samafunaso mai nzawo akhale patsogolo

  4. Rather it’s not Joyce Banda but late Bingu wa Mutharika who nominated her as running mate during the 2009 election that led to her ascension into Vip. After Bingu died it’s when she became Malawi’s first Female president .
    Mind you before she ruled as Head of State earlier Joyce held some ministerial positions in Govt.
    Blame the Dpp …
    Malawians never voted directly for a female Head of State.

  5. Vuto lanu ku Chanco konko ife nde zitikhuze????….lemban za ali kunjayu ku chipatala oooooh!!! Mwina mukulemba ncholinga akusisileni feez kut u r against JB mmmm Ng’ooooooooo !!!! JB anaphula kale + sangafanane ndi aliyese amene walamulilapo Malawiyu…..majelasi

  6. koma kwenikweni chomwe a jb ndi oyipa ndi chani? koma zakuti akulamulirawa akuba kwambiri zan jbs cashgate anthu tikudziwa? zoti anthu ambiri akunzunzika panopa more zan jbs tikdziwa?

  7. Now we are led by a man, is he performing?Sorry that most comments are from blind party supporters.Am lucky because am free to declare here that apart from Ngwazi the original Ngwazi these other presidents have ruled Malawi for their benifit more than ordinary Malawians.This is just opinion. has

  8. Now we are led by a man, is he performing?Sorry that most comments are from blind party supporters.Am lucky because am free to declare here that apart from Ngwazi, the original Ngwazi, these other presidents have ruled Malawi for their benefit more than of ordinary Malawians.That’s why Malawi has achieved very little if anything during this multiparty era.

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  10. I agree. She messed up women’s prospects for political chances. As I am writing now, the electorate is still harbouring bitter memories of JB’s immaturity in running state affairs. She was too talkative, too nomadic, too casual, too emotional, too unprofessional.

  11. Mmayi wa ulemu wake, komwe Ali ndi maulemu okha okha. Or mukambe mopusa koma waposa zinazi ndingomva akungofa ngati nkhuku zachitopa.

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  14. Powerful woman. Still fighting. The votes were her main problem. If she only had votes, the story should have been different!

  15. Though I have not read the book, it does seem clear that what the book says is not correct.
    JB was voted out: population of women is more than men, meaning if all women voted for her then JB should have won. And besides the 2014 voting really still remains a mystery and to judge JB based on 2014 results is both unethical and academically incompetent! Besides JB was receiving recognition before being president and continues doing so now after “losing” the presidency: does not sound like a bad example? I don`t think so. And to sum it up, you will be shocked to hear how highly JB is praised by Western leaders…

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