Tsar Leo in project with South Africa’s AKA, Nigeria’s P-Square

Tsar Leo

The young but energetic Malawian musician Tsar Leo will soon rock Africa with some buzzy hits which features the continent’s award winning artists, AKA and P-Square.

The 21 year-old is on a mission to elevate standards of the Malawi music industry. With his name appearing on IMA nominations list, Leo is beyond reasonable doubt becoming a household name in Africa, and the pending projects with South Africa’s AKA and the Nigerian twins intensify the hype.

Unconfirmed reports indicate the Lilongwe based shooting star has also secured another hot collaboration with Nasty C, a South African budding rapper.

Tsar Leo
Tsar Leo flying Malawi flag high.

As we count down to release dates for the historic collaborations, the Malawian Drake will on 5th October drop another single featuring Zach. This comes after his other hit single, The Other Side, refuses to fade.

The new studio product is titled Ooh Kayy and has been produced by Eril, Sniper, and BFB. It is a skillfully baked song that encompasses a variety of genres ranging from RnB and Hip Hop, areas in which the lad exercises expertise.

This publication has also been tipped that visuals for Ooh Kayy will follow soon after it drops. His other video for the other side is enjoying airplay on major television stations while piling up views on YouTube.

Tsar Leo’s unique style injects appetite in music, a recipe for a long lasting relationship with the listening ear. Leo has been described as the complete artist by music experts considering his talent in singing and rapping.

More information pertaining to his international collaborations will be available on his Facebook page soon. As we wait, here are the audio and video links for the other side.

The other side Audio


The other side Video #




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