Revealed: Malawi Government dumping poor patients seeking treatment abroad


Local media reports have put to light claims that Malawi government is failing to send abroad poor patients in need of special treatment in international hospitals.

Investigations on the matter have disclosed that poor patients are being sidelined from getting medical treatment outside the country.

Patients feel betrayed.

Over 250 patients are currently on Malawi Ministry of Health waiting list for them to be treated in international hospitals and have a healthy life.

Further reports reveal that Malawi is owing huge sums of money to international hospitals which have been treating Malawian patients.

Malawi’s health minister Peter Kumpalume has confirmed reports of failing to settle bills in international hospitals and attributed the problem to financial shakeups being faced by the ministry.

Meanwhile, a 28 year-old father is reported to be begging for money on the streets of Malawi’s capital Lilongwe for funds that will assist in the special treatment of his daughter.

Jozine Nyondo said he needs K220,000 for the processing of travel documents for his 8 month-old daughter diagnosed with heart problems.

He disclosed that he has since got K15,000 from well-wishers in Lilongwe against the targeted amount of K220,000 for processing the passports.

Malawi24 recently reported of a 63 year-old man at M’gomba village, Traditional Authority Malengachanzi in Nkhotakota district has been struggling with a disease for over ten years now but he is failing to access medical treatment due to poverty.

Speaking to Malawi24, the man Frazer Zidadi disclosed that the disease makes him to always be shivering beyond the normal rate.

Zidadi said he has been visiting various government hospitals but they just give him drugs that reduce the rate of shivering and not the drugs that can end the disease which he was failing to specifically mention its name.

Frazer Zidadi

Frazer Zidadi in agony due to poverty.

“I have been visiting well known government hospitals like Kamuzu Central Hospital and Queens Central Hospital but to no avail, I met specialists at Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital but they failed to medicate me since they said that drugs that can cure this disease were not available at the hospital.



  1. But they can manage to send their children to high schools all over the world.Nthawi ya kamudzu national anthem inkakoma kuimba especially ikafika paja poti ndimayi Malawi eshiiii.Ufulu ndi mtendere zidapita ndi Angwazi today pple are dying like chickens eshiiii Malawi wa anthu andale may God look after the poor nation

  2. We Poor Pple We Are Regarded As Picayuns But We Do Contribute Alot To Our Country(nyasaland) But In Trouble They Sideline Us, But Hero Wina Akangolumidwa Ndi Nsikizi Waku South Africa 4 Checkup, Very Sad

  3. @ Jane Mpemba and bra Shepard. Thats not true. Even Rsa goverment official dont go to goverment hosiptals. They go to Life hosiptals. The question is why they dont trust goverment hosiptals. In Malawi the pple with names in Goverment, their kids dont go to goverment schools or goverment hosiptals. Why they dont go there. Lot of them are at Wits in Rsa and Oxford in USA. That show that they wil never feel what ordinary pple going thru. They cant even drink water 4rm water board but buy stil water 4rm the shop. That show they dont trust what they provide. Yes we dont want to go abroad hosiptal but improve our local hosiptal with medications and equipments. Remember that its a right to get health facility not a previledge. We have a right to be treated equally.

  4. Mulungu ndiye mwini moyo zikhale chomcho pitilizani kupondereza osauka,akafamsiyanji,akapunthabuye kayakuti chani mmene mungaganizire Each and every tear will be accounted for before God one big day!

  5. Too much political, corruption, to this programme. But the truth is government put aside special funds for that. U turn to wonder amene amathandizidwa ndi olemera kale kapena azibale awo.

  6. This is very sad indeed these are the very same people who pay taxes unlike people who are in authority who doesnt pay taxes.Dziko ili limakomela opata koma kumwamba we are all equal in the eyes of the lord

  7. This is just politics, a malawi osauka amapita ku queens, central hosp basi so which government send patient from Bvumbwe to Uk? Tell me zamaboza basi.

  8. There is no goverment which send patient abroad even south africa itself so to me this doesnt make sense. Tamalembaniko nkhani zogwila mutu nthawi zina.

  9. That’s news to me. Have we ever sent a patient international to get treatment? I know some families that are well to do that volunteer to pay for the expenses of their sick loved ones if such a need arises.

  10. Malawi was the best place to live in but once corruption was introduced by awowo eish its now the worstest place to live in makamaka kwa osauka anyway may God touch everyone who z in need

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