Maneb starts registration for 2017 examinations


Maneb rolls out registration.

The Malawi National Examinations Board (Maneb) has begun registering students for the 2017 Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) and Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations.

According to a press statement signed by Maneb spokesperson Simeon Maganga, the exercise will end on 9th December, 2016.

Maganga warned examination centres against registering more candidates than what their centre can accommodate.

Simeon Maganga

Simeon Maganga has confirmed of the start of the exercise.

“Examination centres should ensure that external candidates do not exceed 70% of the internal candidates registered,” said Maganga.

Meanwhile, examination centres have been encouraged to be depositing examination fees into Maneb account periodically to avoid cases of theft.

However, missing on the list of examinations to be administered next year are Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) exams which got abolished earlier this year.

“Further, examination centres are reminded not to register candidates for Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) examination as it was phased out,” said Maganga.

He also advised all centres not to collect any fees, be it examination or ID fees, from Form 2 students.



  1. 2018 onwards, mark my words, they will regret that decision when they compare the JC era pass rates for MSCE and the no JC era. They’re depriving students the right to the exam experience they need. Shit happens when government prioritizes money instead of education. But I have a feeling somebody will regret this.

  2. Zipangitsa ana kusalimbika azingoti form3 ndi 4 tikalowa chamutu mosavuta jce imapangitsaso anambali ina kulimbikira munthu ufike form 4 osalemba maeso aboma aah mwinaso secondary anangojoina analephera mu 8

  3. Education in malawa is going down and down becouse if there is no jc that means da children if they pass P.L.S.E they will go straight to form4 wht noses is dis guys dont be proud

  4. Zausilu Coz J.C.E Is One Of The Malawian Exams Imne Athu Amalakwa So Ngat Yatha Ndmbuli Zomwe Ku Form4 Zizibweretsa Ma Failures Ambiri Pa M.S.C.E Zomwe Zizbwezeretsa Makolo Mwendo Mbuyo Coz Fees Ndiye Palibe Chlipo

    • Is ThatTrue Because akanena Kuti Mayeso A Two AsamalembedweAkutanthauzanjNdiye We Have Ignorance Student In Future Bcause Without P.L.S.E Andj.c.e Certificate