Chanco management fails to challenge students


The Zomba high court has dismissed an application by Chancellor College (Chanco) management to challenge an injunction obtained by students against the readmission forms the college issued.

The forms required each student to agree to the college’s conditions and pay a K1500 fee for renovation of damaged property before commencement of classes.

The measures were taken following the violent protests that led to the closure of the college.

Chanco students sought an injunction (Library).

But the students obtained an injunction restraining management from going ahead with its plan to force students to sign the readmission forms.

College management later challenged the students’ injunction by filing an application to overturn the court order of stopping college authorities from collecting the money and forcing students to sign the condition forms.

However, the court has dismissed the application arguing that the authorities have failed to demonstrate reasons for the court to throw out the students’ injunction.

After the readmission forms were released, Chanco students through their student union leader Sylvester Ayuba James expressed dismay over the college’s decision.

Ayuba is on record to have openly challenged the management for introducing the K1500 fee toward renovation of the damaged property.

He further accused management of blocking them in voicing out thorny issues by making the students sign the condition forms.