Tanzania angers Malawi over new map

George Mkondiwa

Malawi government has reacted with anger to Tanzania’s move to promote a new map which includes a disputed portion of Lake Malawi as part of the East African country’s territory.

George Mkondiwa
George Mkondiwa : We have never yielded to Tanzania’s demands

According to a circular from chief secretary to government George Mkondiwa, Tanzania is promoting a map which portrays part of Lake Malawi as belonging to it.

The new Tanzania map has been produced at a time when the two countries are still at loggerheads over the demarcation of their borders around Lake Malawi.

Malawi has since claimed that its boundaries with Tanzania have never changed and are as designated by colonialists the Anglo-Heligoland Treaty.

Government has also insisted that it has never accepted claims that Tanzania owns part of the lake.

“Malawi will never, and has never, at any time, acquiesced to Tanzania’s unwarranted and unjustified territorial claims,” Mkondiwa said.

Meanwhile government has advised civil servants not to recognise the new Tanzania map at home or abroad.

“Malawi government would like to call upon all officials in government ministries,  departments, and agencies to be alert on this matter and to continue rejecting and refusing to use all such maps appearing in any form or media including calendars, diaries, official documentation or other documents for any purpose or business,” said Mkondiwa.



  1. Mr (ine ndilibe pulobulemu) is your turn now use your brain because u said u dnt hav aproblem. the big problem is that u didnt writ this in yuor manfestle. mmmmmmmmm. wake Up Malawi our country is going slow by slow. northen rigion is gone. shame on us Malawians we dont love our country. We love cashgate killings. seriusly Malawians are sbushit stupit people. oh!!! my God plz fight for us!!!!

  2. why complaining now? Mozambique yalanda kale mbali ina ku mangochi atsogoleri ali phee kumangokanda mimba zitakhuta Ndalama zathu. Apa zokambaso senseless zokhazokha. Dzuka Malawi ona Ndalama zikubedwa kodi kubedwa ndi nthaka yomwe? kukonzako yambani ku mangochi? ndidzamva kukoma mukatero

  3. Leave the nyassa lake alone.it belonged to the Tanzanians since time in memorial!!!!

  4. When this issue started during mama’s time in power, people said Tanzania yikutiderera chifukwa tilindinzimayi. Apa yikuderera obviously koma chifukwa muyankhe nokha munkanenanu. Tanzania is taking advantage of our political systems. And Tanzania is watching us so closely. They knw Malawians do not love their country whole heartedly hence important issues such as cashgate and Muluzi cases still not concluded. So they will use our divisions to grab our land. Please Mutharika should give us hope. Mr Mkondiwa’s statements carry no hope as telling everyone not to use the new map is in itself an acceptance there is a new map. The GVT of Malawi should clarify these things. Our friends in the north may seem to be the direct victims but on paper it impacts alot on all of the citizens.

  5. If malawi government has failed to take back our lake,please mr president give as guns to fight with Tanzania.We know mr president you hate north of malawi and lake malawi is party north, such being a reason you can not fight for us,but we northernars we are ready for war.

  6. As a Malawian I won’t accept this happeming around my borders….never!never!never! We better use force to stop them

  7. What Mr Khondiwa is telling us does not make sense at all.Telling the government ministries not to recognise the new map drawn by the Tanzania government does not give a permanent solution to the issue at hand.What is the malawi government going to do now knowing that they have been openly challenged by the defiant Tanzanians.Its about time that our government should take this lake wrangle to the international court of justice since the SADC leaders have failed to solve it.This is a big challenge and an open defiance to the Malawians and our government must prove that it has a back bone to solve this amicably without the sound of a gun.PETER MUNTHARIKA MUST ACT NOW.

  8. Tanzanians would want to make use of the rotten system of Malawi government where every passing day the world is reading about ministers and top government officials in scandalous scenarios.

    Let the Tanzanians utilise the lake and its water for a good purpose.

    And matters to do with Boarder conflicts asiyeni ma COBBA aziyankhana ndi mbali inayo. Mkondiwa shut up your rotten cashgate mouth

  9. Shame to us when Tanzania was drawn the map on our lake tinalikuti? Tikumbukile this country is in hands of Judais

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