NGO calls on Mutharika to approve Land Bill

Peter Mutharika

The Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue has asked President Peter Mutharika to assent to the Land Bill so that it becomes a law.

The bill which attracted controversy was passed during the last sitting of Parliament but it has not been assented to by Mutharika.

Board member for the coalition Sherrif Kaisi said once the bill has been signed as a law by Mutharika it will allow Malawians to have their own land.

“We are urging the president to assent the bill into law so that Malawians earns ownership of land as the law allows,” said Kaisi.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika asked to approve the Land bill.

He added that most Malawians do not own land and those who have it are not registered as owners so anyone can take away their land.

According to Kaisi, once the bill has been signed into law Malawians will have land without any problems and no one would take away their land.

He then attacked opposition parties in the country for politicising the bill and telling Malawians that the proposed law will strip chiefs of their powers.

When the bill was tabled in Parliament, opposition parties accused government of forcing Malawians to pay for their own land.

But Kaisi said the bill provides for the creation of land committees in the villages and the committees which will include chiefs will determine the amount of money people should be paying for land.