Lilia’s Weekly Dose! How Did I Fall in Love (Part II)

Weekly Dose

Continued from last week

She felt his warm lips on hers. She had never been kissed like that before, or at least never felt a kiss so strong. She breathed heavily as he unbuttoned her blouse brushing his fingers oh her chest and below.

She pulled him close, closer than any man has ever been. She loved this man with every living cell in her body, her soul was burning as he finally took off her blouse and dropped it on the floor.

His fingers caressed her spine and she gasped for breath, he lifted her with every kiss. Took her step by step to her bed and lay her on her bed making her watch him unbutton his shirt.

“Tadala,” the female voice brought her back to reality.

“Huh?” She almost jumped right out of her seat. She was startled.

“Dont tell me you were day dreaming again.” Delia laughed.

“Did you bring the files? ” Tadala changed the topic.

“Yes, right in front of you Tadala. Are you okay? You have been like this all week.” Delia sat down. “Talk to me, what is running through that mind of yours?” She asked.

Tadala avoided Delia’s eyes.

Delia was the only female close friend she had. The only one she spoke to at the office and opened up to apart from Tony. She was a good listener, the only one who knew how Tadala felt about Tony.

“Find a way to let Tony know you feel honey. This is slowly consuming you. I see the way you look at him when he walks into a room, how you glow and smile. He could be feeling the same, you never know.” Delia advised.

Weekly Dose
Lilia’s Weekly Dose

Tadala sighed and leaned backward. Delia made sense but no way was she about to embarrass herself in front of a man she grew up with, considered a best friend and most of all a brother. How did she fall in love with a man she knew all her life?

“I can’t risk destroying our friendship over silly feelings.” She refused.

“Silly feelings? Look at you? You fix your hair so he notices, walk into a shop just to buy him a shirt you saw on Style TV. You never did that for all your ex’s. Tadala……”

“Delia, let it go. Tony and I come along way. I’m just infatuated it will go once I see him with another woman and reality hits me that he is my best friend and dating won’t work.” She was losing her cool.

“Sleep on it, soon it will start to hurt if you keep this love inside for long. At least let him know.” Delia stood up and headed for the door.

“Let me work sister.” Tadala said.

“Please do, will see you in a couple of hours.” Delia left the office.

Deep down Tadala knew Delia was right, she needed to gather some courage and face Tony. Question was, what if he didn’t feel the same as she did? She couldn’t handle the thought of rejection.

It had been about four months since he had broken up with his ex Wanda. She was relieved that maybe he would spend more time with her and eventually he would realise she had feelings for him. Instead he came with a bomb, blasted her chest when Tony told her about his new date.

She hated the feeling when he introduced her to his women. Same reaction all the time, overprotective. How blind was Tony that he couldn’t read through her overprotective behavior?

“Tadala sweetie, meet Zimatha, she is a trainee teacher at Lilongwe academy. Just came in town to meet me. Isn’t that so sweet?” Tony excitedly introduced Tadala to his new date.

“Hello, how are you?” She greeted Zimatha and turned to whisper into Tony’s ears.

“She is pretty. Hope she is not another Wanda, I’ll die first before I let another psycho ruin your life.” Tadala warned.

“Give her a chance, you know we have been talking about her for weeks now. She is here let’s get to know her.” Tony pleaded.

The two uniformly turned to Zimatha and smiled.

Tadala would have folded this woman and shoved her in a bag, flew her back to Lilongwe if she was only a cloth.

She felt jealous, her heart throbbing, pulse increasing, palms itchy and sweaty. She wanted to punch something, she could not stay a while longer. She came up with a work excuse.

“Tadala please be sure to find a good dress for Saturday night.” Tony said, eyes fixed on Zimatha.

“The cocktail party at Ryalls. I forgot hey. Will dress up for the occasion and you know that.” Tadala almost pulled Tony from his ridiculous gaze at Zimatha. He should be looking at her not any other woman.

“Can you be so kind to show Zimatha around? She is not so familiar with the town.” Tony camly asked, this time he looked at Tadala.

Tadala rolled her eyes. Why was she putting up with such emotional torture?

“I can’t manage to go shopping, I have meetings… Remember? I’ll rush to the office now, you two have fun getting to know each other. Tony, call me.” Tadala did not wait for response, she whisked away instantly.

The chest pain was more of a tragic death. How she wished her heartache would consume her and gulp her soul that moment. Over her dead body was she going to watch him love another woman, or imagine his strong arms on a strange woman. Enough, she had had enough of the previous women, this one was not getting past her.

A tear dropped, “No, no, no Tadala don’t cry. Its okay…. Its okay,” her voice faded into the deep sobs as she slowed down the car. “At least you have felt a love so strong, pull yourself together. No tears Honey.” She spoke to herself. She carefully wiped her tears to avoid messing up her smoky eye make up.

“Delia is right, I must tell him before it is too late. Or I will watch him settle with someone else. I can’t deal with it.”

She continued to talk to herself.She picked her phone and dialled Delia’s number.

“Hello?” She was breathing heavily as she waited for Delia to respond on the other end of the phone call.

“Delia, you are right about Tony, I’m coming to your house I need help.”

(To be continued next week)
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