Two drown in Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

Two men drowned in Lake Malawi on Sunday after they jumped into deep waters on the lake, Police say.

Salima Police Public Relations Officer Gift Chitowe has identified the two as George Nselema, 21, who was waiting to begin studies at The Polytechnic and 31 year-old Maxwell Kaliati, a Limbe Leaf Tobbacco worker.

According to police, the two left Lilongwe on Sunday and went to Lake Malawi in Salima.

“Upon arrival in Salima they went straight to Baobab Lodge at Senga Bay where they hired a private boat from one of the villagers,” Chitowe said.

Lake Malawi
Lake Malawi swallowed two men.

After getting the boat the two began sailing and when they went into deep water, they jumped into the water without apparent reason. However, they failed to swim to the shore hence they drowned.

According to Chitowe, people in the area managed to find the remains of late George Nselema while search is still going on in order to find Kaliati.

Meanwhile, Police in Salima are appealing to the general public not to go into the lake while drunk to avoid such incidences.

Late George Nselema lived in Lilongwe while Maxwell Kaliati hailed from Kuntaja village, Traditional Authority Kuntaja in Blantyre but was residing in Lilongwe.



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  5. very sad. waters of Lake malawi is a trap to human life. wr need extra caution especially to those who go there to have fun. RIP to both souls

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