Govt finally compensates 20 July families

July 20 Malawi prostests

The Malawi government has now released compensation money to the families who lost their relatives during the 20 July anti-government demonstrations.

The releasing of the money comes after the families threatened to hold protests over the delay by government to give them the compensation money as promised.

July 20 Malawi prostests
July 20 2011 demos saw the loss of lives. (File)

Confirming the development, the families’ lawyer Leonard Mbulo said the government has given them 31million kwacha to be shared among 10 families.

Mbulo further said that the families can now afford a smile but lamented that the money is not enough as they were expecting a bigger compensation.

“We have seen a cheque of our monies which we have been asking the government to give us since soon after the demonstration. The bereaved families can now smile for releasing of the money though it has cost them too much time and money,” confirmed Mbulo.

Over 20 people were killed by the Malawi police during the July 20, 2011 nationwide demonstrations as people were protesting against the then leadership led by the late Bingu Mutharika who was being accused of failing to lead the country.



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  2. Guyz Just Tink Wht Happen 2 De Pple Of Albinism, Wht Happen 2 Them They Just Kill Lke A Dog, En Wht Gvt Do? They Just Say Stop Kill Dis Pple Bt De Albinism They Contiuans Dead Everywhere, They Just Talk At De End They Go To Their Relatives And Say Sorry Wth Money, Gyz I Dnt Lke Dis Gvt.

  3. Its A Shame, Why Dis Gvt Always Think Abt Money Instead Of Change De Altitude, Gyz Dis Is No Fair Dis Gvt Pple Is Big Davel, Their Always Do Dis Bcs Der No Dat Der Have Money.

  4. Kodi ndi ntundu wanthu aji womwe akuti unaphedwawo? Mudziona kuthamangira zinthu zoputsa mapeto ake ndiamenewo, Amakuputsisani inu amphawi anthu amabungwe koma iwo Ana awo sapitako, One sindimatengeka ndi zoputsa ngati zimenedzo

    1. Stop talking shit! Are u sick in yo head. U need to see a doctor. U think with a anus not brain. Mtundu watani? Do they deserve to be killed for excersing their right. Hope this dont go to ICC.

    1. Peter its not about money tirazo whatever. The fact is who killed those pple and why they were killed? If they committed a crime why they didn’t take them to court? Victims family have a right to know, why their beloved one were killed and who instructed the killing. Musaike anthu mawu mumulomo. Just be honesty

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  6. I think we need to understand that sometimes if a problem start. The police is not an answer. But intervention on what is the sorce of the matter. When police are send are being send to cause more damage. Rather intervention 4rm goverment officials wil be amicable way forward. Trust me pple wil be stil killed in the hand of goverment to distract their concerns then pay them compansetion. Why they did’nt start with an inquiry to get what went wrong and give the family answers and money. This sound like money first to cover up the closure

  7. Atleast if you could have compensated the young pionees who were chased somtimes back….people were killed and u tryin to compensate the relative then how much are u going to giv e’m?? Eqauling the money with life??? atleast if u could have just done what the people wanted on that day they died…lets be realistic sometimez

  8. Nde kuti panopa boma lili ndi ndalama zopangira chibwana et osagula chimanga bwanji chibwelele mwakale ngati munthawi ya Bingu anthu amagula chimanga 35 kwacha pa kg inu lero mukuonongera ndalama mabanja azifwamba ndi banda zoputsa basi amene wabwela ndi ganizo limenelo ndi Chitsiru cha munthu mbuzi yeniyeni

  9. In Ndirande people were targeting the PTC so when the police arrived,some people didn’t welcome their presence then they resort to chanting ant police songs while also palette some stones at them. The police officers tried to show calm and tolerant,they tried to run away but the people stood to their stand.Things turned sour and scary when dusk fall,the police didn’t want to be outdone,tiregasses was started and it became really a war,when an officer throws one,the so called courageous ones had to throw it back to the sender,drama went on and around sometime that the officers sneath like loosing while they had mowers with them.Just after an elapse of minutes to 7pm,bullet were fired in the sky,but still some people vow to meet whatever,one was claimed shot to death.The officers then run mad and started raining bullets as if tomorrow is pronounced dead too.The second victim came to be small boy,a boy who i suppose just sneaked out of his home to grace the occurrence but alas,the boy of around 12yrs had meet his fate just in minutes of his arrival at the place of the scene.I wish to seek all that died for this noble fight to rest in peace and tranquility

    1. Look when they is a problem. The goverment official must learn to intervene first. To get the information what pple are crying 4rm the ground. Police distraction is not an answer. Everytime is they is a problem they send police to go first and that makes thing worse. Look now what happened. No one is responsibility to these killings. But they are pple who are responsible to pay compansation. Evil world

  10. It was not the fact to compensate money for these people,The aim was to do the right things and it is impossible to compansate life it is better to do what nation people wanted on this day 20 july.

    1. That what pple want to know. That was suppose to be conducted by an inquiry so that all stories are heard. Not just come with money. Hope ICC wil step in on loss of human being life.

  11. Ngati boma lavomereza kulipira ndarama means lavomera kulakwa ndiye poti kulakwa ndi milandu apa limangeni boma sopano alipire zambiri paja kupha mu malawi ndi life ine prison ndie boma ili titani nalo mulandu uwu ndiwapa court mulandu wakupha boma linapha anthu

  12. Come on guys. What closure on this matter. Are we suppose to be happy with money while pple lost fathers, brothers,sisters,moms. Yes they are suppose to get compansation. But what assurence that this is not going to happen again. And those responsible must be booked in. This happened becoz of irresponsibility 4rm Dpp and they have to clean up their mess. Does money buy life? If so how much? U cant be proud of evil. U wil kil some today with a hope to pay with money tommorow. Evil money. Inquiry first and those responsible face muzik then compansation. Swallow b4 chewing.

    1. A mkandawire,chomwe mukufuna nchiyani nanga? Mwakhala mukunena kwambiri kt boma likuchedwetsa zipepesozi lero boma lamva mwasinthanso? nenani china mukufuna. Tangokhala anthu osayamika basi? Kukumangirani nsewu mukuti ai koma mukanakumba njigo,kukumba njigo mukuti koma mudakatipatsa ndalama,bwanji kodi!

    2. Come on my brother Petros. U missed the point.(1 why they were killed? (2 who instructed the killing (3 is killing the solution? Well i am not say they must not be compansated. What victims family need is closure. The process was suppose to start with inquiry on what went wrong. Then to avoid this in future assure citizens that this kind of respond wil not be toralated. Remember pple lost their fathers, sisters, mothers etc. Does money buy life? Ok what happened is done. But what closure can u give me that why they deserved to be killed? And who was behind all this? U cant level the truth with money. Chipuputa misozi is fine but that was suppose to be done after inquiry. So can u give me the closure of this case if u can

    3. deomnstrators should also ensure that property of innocent citizens who may have worked for a long period of time will not be looted and vandaised

    4. Life and property what is expensive and important. Who cause that havoc. What is the use of courts? Why they didn’t arrest them. Is the bullet a court? Ok why they didn’t conduct inquiry to the killings but rather pay money. So are u telling that they are compansated for yo property. Put yo facts straight. This is murder we are talkn about.

    1. Are u aware that we are talking about someones life. So what does Dpp woye come in here. They made this mess so who do u expect to clean? Get life man

    2. If they were thieves why not arrested and face justice? What are the use of court? Are u saying we must kill a thief? What evidence do u have to prove that they were thieves? And in Malawi do we compansate thieves? Put yo facts straight dudu

  13. Koma chonde wakuphayo osamupatsa ufulu oti iye asamangidwe. Amangwidwe ndikuyimbidwa mulandu wakupha mawadala.

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