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Chamba from Malawi rated highly: it’s the world’s rarest

Despite the fact that it is not legalised in Malawi, marijuana in the Southern African nation has been named as one of Africa’s most highly valued sativa strains by an international website, Malawi24 can report.

In a Youtube video, group of individuals who seek out rare marijuana seeds and sell them called The Green House Seed Company, posted on their website Green Rush Daily that Malawi’s chamba (as locally known) is one the rare strains found in the world.


Malawi’s marijuana rates high.

‘’On the Malawi episode, the strain hunters crew spent 6 to 7 hours following locals who mislead them. They ended up finding nothing the first day and rented four-wheelers the next day to ease their search. The field they found was much smaller than locals advertised but some seeds was better than no seeds,’’ reads the post in part.

While describing it as ‘Malawi Gold’ the post on the website which apparently holds comments by readers sharing contact on how to share the plant, states that the herb has led to an upsurge to the tourism industry in Malawi.

‘’ The strain has caused a rise in tourism in Malawi and other African countries who have access to the Malawi strain. Malawi Gold is one of the country’s top three exports even though it’s an illegal and unofficial export,’’ says the website.

The site also reveals the place where the plant could be found which is Nkhotakota district.It ends with the hope that the sativa will be made legal just as the nod was done to industrial hemp.

“Hopefully Malawi goes fully legal so it will be easier for cannabis connoisseurs outside of the country to obtain some of their sweet sativa,’’ the site says.

This comes hot on the heels of a heightened debate on calls for the legalisation and use of industrial hemp in the country.

In June this year, legislators in the Malawi Parliament adopted a motion by Ntchisi North legislator Boniface Kadzamira, asking government to legalise the growing and use of hemp in the country.

However, it is not the hemp that is popular among most Malawians. It is industrial hemp.


Illegal in Malawi but recognized globally as the rare one.

But several organisations have asked government to do more research on the long term effects of legalising the drug on the country’s youth.

Drug Fight Malawi director Nelson Zakeyu recently said that with the legislations of the industrial hemp, number of youths who smoke Indian hemp will rise due to misconceptions about the drug-owing to misconceptions that would arise on industrial hemp and the sativa that people smoke.

Malawi’s Indian hemp is internationally renowned as one of the finest sativa strains from Africa according to an entry on Wikipedia.

The entry claims that its popularity has led to such a profound increase in marijuana tourism and economic profit in Malawi that it is even listed as one of the three “Big C’s” in Malawian exports: Chambo (Tilapia fish), Chombe (tea), and Chamba (Malawi gold).


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