Zambia Elections: Opposition makes rigging claims as Lungu leads with 24 constituencies left


UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has accused the country’s election mangers the Electoral Commission of Zambia of deliberately not providing the G12 in Lusaka so as to live room for manipulation of results.

Hakainde Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema claims elections rigged.

Mr Hichilema who spoke at a media briefing held at his house around 22:40hrs Sunday, said the G12 sheet is the only proscribed document which is the legal requirement used for recording ” the will of the people.”

He said nothing can replace the G12 document which is supposed to be used to authenticate the results and that the document was deliberately left out in Lusaka so that the ECZ in collusion with the ruling PF can wait for results from other provinces and use the Lusaka vote to compensate for any deficits.

He wondered how G12 can not be available in Lusaka where the ECZ is located adding that some polling stations are a stone’s throw from ECZ offices.

He explained that the omission was a deliberate move made to secure votes for the PF saying events in some polling stations point to that fact.

He further claimed that PF cadres took over polling stations shortly after the close of polling further adding that some cadres were voting more than twice while others went to vote with premarked ballots in their pockets.

He also accused the ECZ of trying to promote instability in the country by colluding with the PF to take away the decision of Zambians.

Mr Hichilema has since vowed not accept the results describing the process and results as a coup on democracy by those who control the army.

He said he will fight for Zambians and called on well meaning Zambians to fight with him.

And President Edgar Lungu of the Patriotic Front has maintained the lead in Presidential Election Results from 132 constituencies out of the 156 constituencies country wide.

Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- Chairperson Justice Esau Chulu has so far announced that Mr. Lungu has 1,454,165.

His closest rival Hakainde Hichilema of United Party for National Development now has 1,383,594

The margin stands at 70,571 votes

ECZ is yet to announce results from 24 constituencies and the next update is scheduled at 06:30 hours this morning.-LUSAKA TIMES.



  1. Banda Patrick masautso ur a fool the way ur talking its like u don’t know what you are talking about you will remain a looser because of your can’t against what God has chosen,

  2. Here in Zambia it’s like when a ruling part wins an election, there are aligations of rigging, let him just accept, he is a reject, he can’t win, he is so tribal

  3. bushiri anamunamiza hh wa opostion kuti azawina koma Rupiar banda anamuuza mzakeyu kuti iye adalira ndi don’t kubemba bt iye alira ndi Dunun reverse !uyende pati ndinyumba iti isakuvela dununaa reverse kuno kuzambia?ineso ndachitaa kuika full voluyumu manje kaili ni 1zambiaa 1 nation hh wamwa dumu kuno! kachiwili aka last year anamukolopa lero akumumenya reverse !chikokomwike chikate!

  4. Musayamikile kwambili zakunja bwanji kodi amalawi munatani? Ena mwayambapo kunyoza president wanu agalu opandamichila taziwoneleni zi amalawi zopana phindu

  5. thats how african elections are wen opposition wins they say elections were free,fair and credible elections,but wen the ruling wins they say there was rigging..

  6. When ECZ started announcing election results, they said the said GEN 12 form will be provided in due course but we are just remaining with 12 out of 156 constituencies. Will the said form (GEN 12) still be provided? And for what purposes? Are the election results valid without the GEN 12? Did we have this form in place before the voting day? Who used this form if we had it?


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  10. I am Zambian; and I am proud to have lived and got my first degree in Malawi, the worm heart of Africa. Though being lectured by professors from different continents, I am greatly proud I made a step forward in intellectual development in a Malawian university. Each nation has something to give. Let not deference separate us. I love u Zambia and I love u Malawi. Colonial boundaries are not a limit to our unity: we are more than tribes, culture….and more than Nationality.

  11. Even here Malawi the losing side sing the same song, title rigging! Let them dance on there on.congratulations to now president Lungu

  12. don’t be foolish ba PF in lusaka u stole 77,000 votes for hh and u malawians how can u support the person u dnt know by the way is ltngu not the one who was impounding those trucks that were bringing maize in your poorest country? thats being foolish u wil continue eating gaga

  13. God have a power to choose a leader at a right time, which means the Grace hand of the Lord has pointed at Mr Lungu to lead Zambia so just accept it and work hand & hand , your time is coming if your deserved to be a leader because God’s time is always the best! !!!! Wishing all the best & peaceful way of living Neighbour —— love you much as Africa unity

  14. Please, whoever has posted this, please, don’t believe HH. He has been and he is a looser. He has made so many allegations without evidence. Lusaka is calm, he tried to incite the people of Zambia on MUVI TV to riot but, all in vain. He always has been assuming that he can win the presidency from three provinces i.e Southern, Western and North Western provinces. When he was leading, never made such allegations. Now president Lungu is leading, rigging issues have arisen. Where were his polling agents? Those are the last kicks of the dying horse! God bless Zambia!

  15. Been rejected feels bad BT he has to accept defeat,such things happen in life.congrats to my presidoooo H.E Mr lungu.