9 August 2016 Last updated at: 3:04 PM

PP wants Malawi’s Sports Minister ‘Obama’ fired

She has issued an apology and has accepted responsibility for what she calls a ‘slip of the tongue’ but the opposition Peoples’ Party (PP) is having none of it.

Grace Chiumia

Chiumia has come under fire.

The former ruling PP has called on minister of sports and culture Grace ‘Obama’ Chiumia to resign from her position for declaring President Peter Mutharika life president.

The minister recently referred to Mutharika as the life president of Malawi. She has since apologised for the remarks but this has not pleased the opposition People’s Party which has asked the minister to resign from her position arguing that she lacks seriousness.

The party’s publicist Ken Msonda trashed Chiumia’s claims that it was a slip of the tongue and that she did not even realise that she had called Mutharika life president.

“If she says she was not aware of what she said then she must resign from her position because come one day she will speak something bad more than this and to prevent that, I repeat she must step down,” he said.

Ken Msonda

Msonda: Says Chimuia should be fired.

Msonda then called out the minister for making the declaration saying it was nonsense.

“What the minister has said is a total nonsense that is why PP was quiet. To us we think Chiumia was right and we agree that Mutharika is the life president for their party and indeed there is no any other person who can succeed him,” said Msonda.

Meanwhile the PP has condemned other politicians who behave like the minister of sports by speaking things that could cause havoc in the country with the aim of pleasing the state president.

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