MCP back to its old ways: Members sending each other death threats  


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) members in the southern region have disclosed that they are receiving death threats from authorities in the party following a rift that has emerged in the country’s oldest party.

According to MCP leaders from the southern region of Malawi, the party’s high ranking authorities have been sending death threats to members who had been pressuring the party to hold a convention.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, district chairpersons for Chikhwawa and Mulanje disclosed that they have been receiving threats from top authorities.

“They send a message that they are to deal with me because I signed that the party should go for a convention immediately,” said Peter Phiri who is chairperson for Mulanje district.

Lazarus Chakwera

Lazarus Chakwera has a lot to settle in the party.

Concurring with Phiri, Chikwawa district chairperson Kelvius Chanza said: “They sent messages that they are coming here to deal with me but the best place to deal with is at the convention.”

While the chairperson for MCP women’s league for Blantyre city Chrissy Misomali disclosed that she was beaten by party youths who were sent by authorities.

“Since then we stopped meeting at our offices we just meet at a place we have agreed to meet,” said Misomali.

MCP has been experiencing leadership wrangles as some members of the party are not happy with the party President Lazarus Chakwera’s style of leadership.

Following hiccups, district chairpersons called for a convention to vote for a new administration, a development that angered the top authorities.



  1. Those threats are not from MCP, there are some people who are trying to decampaign the party so that its followers will loose interest in the party. We know the party( MCP), and we know how united we are. No divisions in our party under the regime of Rev Chakwera, that is the song of the past. We focusing for the presidency and we know we will have it no matter what.

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