Teachers strike shocks Government

Manfred Ndovi

The Malawi Government has expressed surprise that some teachers have started conducting a sit-in, saying the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) has managed to solve some of the problems facing teachers in the country.

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) gave government until 30th June to address problems facing the teachers in the country.

Some teachers started the sit-in on Friday following government’s failure to resolve their grievances.

Manfred Ndovi
Manfred Ndovi says the Education Ministry has sorted the problem out.

However, spokesperson for MoEST Manfred Ndovi said government has managed to solve some of the challenges but claimed that they are failing to solve the other problems due to financial problems facing the country.

“We wrote a letter to TUM on the 28 describing the progress of the issues they raised and at the moment we are waiting to hear from TUM,” said Ndovi.

He added that they thought TUM would have first responded to their letter before allowing the teachers to go ahead with a sit-in.

Among other issues, the teachers want government to give them their arrears and to provide transport for teachers who were transferred to rural areas.

But Ndovi said government has failed to transfer teachers who were promoted to various schools due financial problems since the ministry needs 6 million Kwacha for the exercise.

On the issue of salary arrears, he said the ministry advised the Accountant General to honour the payments.



  1. I always say that if you are getting little blame yourself first. Not your, in-charge, your boss, your government no! You are the first culprit for all your predicaments in your life. Why do you earn that? Could you not avert those problems at some point?

  2. The government takes teachers as puppets yet are the most important people in developing this country.

  3. Aphunzitsi kulangidwa ndi ntchito za manja awo.Awachita bwino zedi ,zitsiru zimenezi zinathandizira kubera kuti Munthalika awine.Asazipatse ndalamazo.Asaaaaaaaa ankawona ngati kuchenjera ,ali munthalika yemweyo.Lero ndi izi,kuchita kukagona ku capital hill.chimo lili lonse ukamachita limakubwerela.

    1. What you are saying is true.We teachers have a very big problem.We are very disorganized.To those who are conceding and indeed helped to rigg the elections what have we benefited.These are indeed problems of our own making.Sit in yomweyi others are saying sizikuwakhudza

  4. zachibwana izi,kod boma lidzamva liti? osafooka aphunzitsi tiye nazon coz ntchto ndyowawa ija and popanda kalikonse kot mkuloza sigwira, amazolowera amenewa kudzikonda

  5. Nabora mphuzisi akulandira ambiri ma 75 thousand ongoyamba kumene pamene wapolice ,prison 42thousand..nde bola timatche ifetu

  6. teachers keep the fire burning. teachers in malawi are always exploited yet those in power are enriching themselves saying a teacher should be teaching 60 learners from 7 to 3 .have they ever been themselves? i guess no coz if they’ve been they could have percieved how tiresome n painful it is to stand in front of learners n teach with empty pocket yet they are sitting in the offices n get 1000%of teachers salary as their lunch allowances.God forbid

  7. What A Govt! Shocked With Teacher Strikes And Not With Low And Meagre Wages U Give Them What A shame. Boma Ilinso Kugunata.

  8. Which government is shocked?It is either boma likunama kapena mukulinamizira because the so called government was well informed.Kubwezeretsa ma promotion letters kumafunika ndalama?Kubwezeretsa munthu pa ntchito kumasowekeraso ndalama?Let the government wait coz there is more to come in the next academic year si anena kuti tidziweruka 2:30pm?How can one teach from 07:30 to 2:30 no lunch break?All government departments have lunch break at noon what about teachers?Ntchito or ukapolo

  9. Good Teachers, I Encourage U To Continue Striking Because There Has Been No Govt Regime That Has Ever Solved Problems Faced By Teachers So Go On Until Jesus Comes.Guys, Thats The Problem Of Choosing Leaders Who Were Once Teachers They Never Look Back When In Power What They Think Is To Enrich Themselves May Be Their Capacity Building Did Not Come From Good Mentors Like The Ones They Are Intimidating.2019 Watch out! Look

  10. if u can lead this thank a teacher muzafa ifa yowawa anthu onama inu u wea sayn ogwira ntchito mboma sadzalandira chenje wat iz ths

  11. Akuti.has.managed…to..solve..some..of..the..problems..nanga..atsalawo..mwasiila..ndani??kodi…aphuzitsi..mmatenga..ngati..akapolo???

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