MCP Councillor fined for stealing


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) councillor for Dedza Boma Ward, Davie Lingalawe on Monday was fined by the Dedza First Grade Magistrates Court for tampering with Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) equipment.

Lingalawe, 58, and electrician Shanday Callisto, 29, were arrested last week and charged with interference with supplies of electricity contrary to Section 40(2)(b) of Energy Regulation Act of 2004.

CourtThe court slapped Callisto with a five year jail term with no option of fine while Lingalawe was ordered to pay a fine of K100, 000 or spend 18 months in jail. The councillor paid the fine.

Assistant Superintendent Patrick Chambuluka said Escom officials discovered that Lingalawe had tampered with the meter box on the pole that supplies electricity to his bottle store which is known at the Boma as Zabwino bottle store.

He had hired Callisto to do the job on his behalf and the court learnt that Callisto is not a first offender as he was once jailed for two years in 2015.

In mitigation, Lingalawe apologized for his conduct. Magistrate Ennete Banda said it was a disgrace for an elected councillor who should be upholding the constitution to break the same laws.

Lingalawe hails from Chigwammowa village, T/A Chakhumbila in Ntcheu district while Callisto comes from Senzani village, T/A Phambala in Ntcheu.



  1. Hahaha kwacha-kwacha,Lingalawe-wa wakuba,ife tonse-mbava.choncho nkumati chipani chimenechi chidzalowe mu Boma madilu mukuwapanga muli panja ndiye kudzalowatu tidzavutikana nanu,mwagwa nayo bsi

  2. A counselor is a raw maker who needs to lead examplaly life so to encourage others, I feel a fine is not enough, he would have been given a 2years or more. It’s a shame.

  3. Mmmm!!Malawi 24 this is blue lie mr lingalawe is for bembeke ward not the mentioned by u foolish writers!make sure u have searched for more information b4 posting.otherwise u wll direct peoples minds to wise,be trustwothy,be honesty.

  4. I soleley doubt the credibility and authenticity of #Malawi24 if its managers and journalists have ever come across any material related to MEDIA ETHICS since this post has been acompanied with a lot of lies. I personally know Mr Lingalawe as a concillor of my ward not the ward mentioned in this post. If you have nothing to post you better remain silent, otherwise you may mislead people or lose their trust once noticed that you are liers. My fellows be careful with this page, the directors seem to be ignorant of what and how to present the message to the audience. You have to check and edit your information before you post! I suppose this is due to low literacy levels among the workers, be it journalists or directors, of #Malawi24

  5. I have known Mr Lingalawe since I was a small boy, I don’t think he is the kind of person who can think so low to tamper with ESCOM facilities after all he is financially stable. I know he has been involved in a lot of developmental activities around Dedza Boma , so to link him with such I doubt the authenticity of this post but in addition to that the ward mention its not where he belongs I guess there is mixing up of issues . To those people who are bonafide residents will agree with my argument, or its something which has been cooked up to bring him down but the truth shall prevail at the end.

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  7. kķkķk ķoma amcp kuwapatsa boma kulamuĺira mumphikamo mudzàtsala kanthu?ngàti akuyambira kuling’ono kuba nanga lulikuluko awa malawi sidzapanga mistake mkubwenźeŕa malawi crocodile party (mcp)mboma mpaka yesu kubwera

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