Four year-old dies after falling from tree

Mango tree

A four year-old boy died in Mangochi district on Monday after falling from a tree, Police have confirmed.

The child has been identified as Aubrey Thomas of Namakango village Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi district.

Mango tree
A tree like this one claimed a life . (Image credit: Justneem website.

According to Mangochi Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Amina Daudi, on the day of the incident the child was playing with friends but later left them and went to climb the Mango tree which was nearby.

As he was climbing he lost balance and fell down.

“His friends didn’t notice since he didn’t scream as he was falling down, it is believed that his aim wasn’t to pluck the mangoes because the tree is fruitless.”

“His friends followed him and they found him lying dead. They rushed to inform the Village headman Namakango who finally informed the Police,” Daudi said.

Post-mortem conducted at Mangochi District Hospital revealed that death was due to head injury.

Meanwhile, Police in Mangochi Police are pleading with parents and guardians to take close supervision of their children to avoid similar incidents happening in the future.



  1. Oooo! no! how tall is a tree? this is bad! Parents lets take care of our children,and if we are planning to go far please choose your relative who is matured enough to take cares of our children, just on behalf of your presence.

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