No holiday for MSCE candidates on Thursday


No Eid holiday for MSCE Candidates.

The Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) says candidates will continue sitting for the 2016 Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations on Thursday even though the day is a public holiday.

According to a statement released by MANEB, the ongoing MSCE examinations will proceed as indicated on the timetable circulated in January this year.

The timetable shows that candidates have a break on Tuesday, 5th July, and Wednesday, 6th July; but the examinations resume on Thursday, 7th July, 2016. “All candidates and examination administrators are, therefore, reminded to unfailingly observe the timetable,” reads part of the statement.

MSCE exams began on 22nd June and they are scheduled to end next week.

The holiday is coming as Muslims will on Thursday mark the end of Ramadhan (Fasting).



  1. Ifeso achristu timatsala holiday yathu ndi liti? That’s between person and our God. If am fasting ican not put a holiday to my family or friends, they can eat , work etc. It between me and my God. Thanks to maneb.

  2. As a Muslim l c no problem coz MANEB showed its respect on Tuesday and the Eid is Today not Thursday. It has bn put on Thus coz it has coincided with that of independence, so the holiday is just honouraly. So ena kaya muziika mu chipongwe but its not kunyoza Aslamufe nor to punish us. Its not politics nor discrimination

  3. dont blame MANEB for that,, just blame the moon for not appearing on time,,,,komaso MANEB cant reverse the plans coz ov the muslims hu r in minority here in #MALAWI,,,,anyway am just jokin’

  4. Musatero Apeseni cz Enawo Analonjeza zibwezi zawo kuti aza wawonesa ku Ndata ku thyolo pa tsikuli ndiye Ayii! musawakhomelere ufulu wawo.