Man killed in Mzuzu over vegetable garden


Malawi Police officers in Mzuzu city have arrested a 35 year old Panganani Zakeyu on allegations that he murdered Hastings Mwangonde.

According to Public Relations Officer for Mzuzu Police, Martin Bwanali, the arrest comes as the result of Police investigation following the death of Hastings Mwangonde, 50, from Mwakanyamali village, Traditional Authority Kilipula in Karonga.

PoliceFacts of the matter are that Mwangonde was killed on 07th June this year at Kadekeshi area near Lusangazi roadblock in Mzuzu.

It is on Police record that the suspect and Mwangonde met on 07th June this year at their vegetable gardens where disagreement over land ensued and later on fight broke.

The two were however stopped from fighting by another woman. The woman left for her home soon after stopping the fight. The two were left behind.

Nevertheless Mwangonde did not report home on that particular day thereby raising his relatives’ eyebrows. His relatives mobilised themselves into a search party which proved futile.

Police were informed about the missing person and decided to start investigations by visiting the scene of the fight.

When Police officers reached the scene of fight a certain burnt place caught their attention. When they even drew nearer to that place they saw a human head and toes appearing from something which was buried. They concluded it was human body.

It was then  discovered the body was of Mwangonde. The body was buried in a shallow dug out and the appearing parts were a bit burnt by the fire which was set on top.

Postmortem conducted at Mzuzu Central Hospital indicated death was due to Haemorrhagic shock as a result of loss of blood seconded by an assault.

After investigation Panganani Zakeyu, 35 years old who hails from Kaole village in the area of Traditional Authority Maliri in Lilongwe district was arrested on the suspicion he is connected to the murder.

Suspect will answer Murder charge contrary to section 209 of the Penal Code.



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