Mzuzu man nabbed for offering bribe to police investigator


Police in Mzuzu city are keeping in custody a man for offering a bribe to a police officer in exchange for the release of his relative who was arrested for theft.

According to Mzuzu Police public relations officer Martin Bwanali, on 26th May 2016, a certain woman reported to Chiputula Police Unit that her house had been broken into and various valuable items had been stolen.

BribeActing on the woman’s complaint, detectives at the Police formation launched their investigations to apprehend the suspects.

One suspect was arrested on 01st June 2016 in connection to the case. His name is Wanangwa Ngwira, 25, of Chamama Village, Traditional Authority Chikulamayembe in Rumphi district.

The suspect’s statement was obtained under caution and later on he was formally charged.

Bwanali further said that on 02nd June 2016, the Police investigator was busy finalising the file ready for court.

He was then approached by the suspect’s relative who offered K8000 to the Police investigator and asked for the release of the burglary and theft suspect.

The relative, Temwa Hara aged 32, was arrested on the spot and the money was seized. He will appear in court to answer the charge of official corruption. The K8000 money will be used as evidence in the court of law.

Hara hails from Chimodzimodzi village in Traditional Authority Mtwalo, Mzimba district.



  1. k8000 too small for bribe better MK80000 akadagululirako 10bags of maize,thnx cop mwina mwangoyamba kumene kugwira ntchito imeneyi this is ahome of bribe even aperson to get abail form he/she must pay to the officer,tikudziwa kuti mulandizochepa koma avoid corrupt u’ll be in jail

  2. Ngatidi watelo ndingoti enanuso mutengelepo phuziro mwina chinyengo chingamachepeko mziko lathu lino course masiku ano eeeshh ndende zikumadzaza ndi aphawi ndakunyadira wapolice yemwe wakana zachinyengoyo

  3. Aaaaa kuti sangakane inu kungoti winadi anaona zimakanika belo yeniyeniyi sangamutuluse ulele timapereka ndalama.Koma mumati belo ndi ulele zauchitsiru basi

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