Man arrested for unlawful possession of medical drugs


Police in Mangochi district are keeping in custody a 65 year-old man for possessing medical drugs without documents.

According to Mangochi Police deputy public relations officer Amina Daudi, a Makokola   Police detective who was at Makawa Trading Centre for other duties was tipped that the suspect was on his way to sell drugs.

Arrested“The detective immediately followed the suspect and indeed he was found in possession of medical drugs,” said Daudi.

The suspect was found with 224 capsules of indocid, 40 tablets of Ethromicine, 1 syringe, 100 injections, 102 tablets of abendazole, 101 tablets of Panado, 258 tablets of Bactrim, 508 tablets of fragile and 2 tubes of ointment weighing 3.5 gm each.

Police have so far seized the drugs. The suspect will appear in court soon to answer charges of being found in possession of medical drugs without documents which is contrary to section 4(a) of dangerous drugs and poisons act.

Meanwhile Police in Mangochi are urging citizens to report anyone found in possession of medical drugs without documents.



  1. mupite nawo ku reseach station mukawone kuti ndi amphamvu mujatichitira ganja komaso ivory kuti ikulemera bwanji then kuwayatsa basi kkkkkkk still more problem in Malawi

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