Riise Marley doing reggae for change

Riise Marley

Artists have recorded songs to boast about their wealth, skill, if not to speak ill of fellow artists but it’s a different story for Riise Marley who tied a knot with reggae music to use it as an instrument for preaching liberation and love.

Born Nicholas Tselingas, the 34 year-old has been in music for 13 years. He has released many love and liberation vibes under his name, following in the footsteps of the late reggae icon Bob Marley.

Riise Marley
Riise Marley doing reggae for change.

Recently, he dropped another positive reggae tune “Say no” in which he featured DNA.

His long standing affiliation to producer cum singer Trumale has seen the duo partnering in coming up with the product.

Trumale who in one of his songs claimed that reggae is in his veins, has provided another solid premise for his claim through creating instrumentation for Say no.

Red Disc Records, co-owned by Don T and J Mass, was Riise Marley’s next destination for recording and perfecting the sound.

Speaking to Malawi24 last week, Riise confessed his love for liberating concepts. He said he will be dropping such songs besides his usual love works as best as his talent can allow.

He therefore aims at bringing a change in the society through preaching love while calling on the oppressors to consider their subjects.

“I love rebel liberating sort of concepts besides the love and easy tunes I usually come up with. If the calling is so then I cannot beat the odds but rather serve them as best as I can,” said Riise

In Say no, the Blantyre based artist stays true to his roots by putting into practice what he preaches. As an artist he has been observing what happens in the society then provide recommendations artistically. His vibes are therefore multipurpose: providing entertainment, teaching and informing.

The rebel song which is on Malawi music streaming website has the attachment of a good number of views with high probability of making it bigger. This is not solely based on the fact that it is a latest song but also on its positive message. In this regard, Say no is a song one can hardly avoid, let alone enemies of reforms.



  1. The funny thing is Malawi is the poorest country in the world Ndiye these artist akamat wealth this wealth that Ali Ndi chan iwowo? They keep on bragging about shit they have, yet they can’t even manage to feed themselves Ndi ma spoon anyumba and they are still living in the mum’s house, thts what we call KUPUSA my homie Crystaln Nyirenda akuwadziwa bwino


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