Child dies after taking poison


A little girl has died in Lilongwe city after taking a poisonous liquid which her father had bought.  

The father, Dr Kumwenda who is Aresident of area 25C sector 3 in Lilongwe, on Saturday bought the poisonous chemical in a small bottle so that he should use it to kill termites which were eating plants.

health-alert-stopimageAfter buying the chemical, he put it in his vehicle behind the driver’s seat. On Sunday he went with his daughter to the family’s garden and during the journey he put the girl in the back seat.

He plucked guavas at the garden and gave some of them to the girl. They set off on the journey back home with the girl again seating behind the driver’s seat.

While Kumwenda was driving, the child took the poisonous liquid, opened it and drank it. The father noticed a strong smell in the car and asked the girl if she had taken the substance but she could not respond.

Kumwenda gave her milk and she started vomiting immediately. He then rushed with her to Area 25 hospital where efforts to rescue her life yielded no tangible results and she sadly passed away.

The dead body was later taken to Kamuzu Central Hospital for a post-mortem.



  1. I don’t think was meant for termites but for enemies hehehe
    The evil that men does lived after them . And the same cup you measure to some 1 can also be use on you as far as God is the God of vengeance. I’m not judging even though the world is full of wickedness. Rip Mimi me.

  2. Painful death but my condolence to the family may God grant you with spiritual strength ….people don’t judge nowadays the devil is at work not careless like others said mutenge muli inuyo this is too hard to handle palibe angafune kuluza mwana just like that ndani? be careful what you confess all days are not sundays. We are here for one another, love cares more for others than for self, love looks around to see who is in need .

  3. I shocked with her sudden death lk dis. Sor sir, I sedat u as according to de great loss. U wasn’t ready to meet dis, it’s mistake. May her soul Rest In Peace.

  4. If it could be in UK, father of the late daughter could be arrested for thoroughly investigation, he was careless let’s be honesty, daughter U REST IN PEACE

  5. Kholo lazeru limaika patali china chili chose choti chikhoza kupha mwana.ndiudindo wamakolo kuteteza mwana kt asadye kapena kugwira poison. iyeyo angagule poison ndikuika ngati watchera khoswe.

  6. were living in a wicked world today happiness n tomorrow sadness lets be faithful very soon will meet our beloved jesus is coming soon

  7. Am sorry 4 the big loss and hard tym this family is passing by may the only almighty Gog put his big hand to the solmny parents

  8. Mzimu wake uwutse mu mtendere we learn through mistakes aliyense ali ndi tsiku ndi nthawi sudziwa kuti imfa yako idzakhala yotani.RIP.

  9. Touching story… R.I.P little angel…. May you find solace and happiness in the hands of God,singing together wth your fellow angels. Dad loved you and will continue loving you.. He never planned to do that.. He never thought you would drink it. It was intentional.. R.I.P

  10. I don’t see any neglegence here. Sindikumuona mkulu ameneyu akusangalala kuti mwana wake wamwalira ai. Chakuza sichiimba ng’oma. Ndinthawi. Akause ndi mtendere

  11. This reminds me of my friend mwayi back in primary school, he died after eating nsinjiro za tameki that his mum wanted to use for killing rats, instead he ended up eating them. Sad!

  12. apa tingopeleka uthenga wopepesa, siwonse amene amati akagula zinthu ndikuti amakumbukira kuwerenga malangizo ake. ngakhalenso iweyo makolo ako, anagulapo panado kwanuko anakumwetsa asanawerenge kuti expiring date ndiliti? tisachulukepo nzeru apa.

  13. ppo u judge so fast kusiya mgalimoto that means he knew that the chemical is dangerous he was keeping it away bt munthu ndi munthu amayiwala

  14. poor little girl. you never deserved that. lets keep poisonous substances away fro children’s reach. life is so precious to be lost coz ov carelessness

  15. poor little girl. you never deserved that. lets keep poisonous substances away fro children’s reach. life is so precious to be lost coz ov carelessness

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