PP lambasts CSOs over albino attacks

Albinos Malawi

The opposition People’s Party (PP) has expressed dissatisfaction with the way civil society organisations (CSOs) are handling the issue of the brutal killings of albinos.

PP spokesperson Ken Msonda said it is sad that CSOs have not taken a leading role in condemning the barbaric acts against albinos in the country.

“Those who claim to be human rights defenders where are they now because previously they were defending those who were breaking the law but now they are quiet.

Ken Msonda
Msonda: Blasts CSOs.

“As a party we are asking is it because they have not been offered money that is why they are quiet?” asked Msonda

However, Executive Director for Malawi Watch Billy Banda said there is need for collective efforts from the CSOs, the church and even traditional leaders.

He added that the CSOs have put in efforts to end the malpractice but a lot needs to be done.

Banda applauded President Peter Mutharika for the leading role he has taken in condemning the malpractice.



  1. Hence u too(PP) ur from malawi, y dont u do something on it(set ur altanative to protect our bro & cctas with albinism)??

  2. Inu nomwe app program imeneyi ndiyanu mukufuna kuyipisa anthu ena muziti mwawonatu alephela kuteteza anthu wuli inu musatinyanse inu iya!!

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