Ritaa ready to rock


Malawi’s budding music artist Ritaa is having a very busy year with her first studio album in the offing and a couple of singles to release.


One of the most followed Malawi music artists on Instagram where she commands close 10 thousand admirers, the Lilongwe based emerald songstress is in love with RnB and Reggae Dancehall music. She once participated in the country’s most prestigious music contest, the E-wallet talent where she came among the top 10 best and promising artists in Malawi.

In drumming up morale for the album, the songstress born Rita Kalonga has lined up big name collaborations, as she has featured dancehall heavyweight Malinga Mafia in one of her songs titled Paper.

In an interview with Malawi24, the 20 year-old also revealed plans to work with other major artists, Provoice and Nyasa Candy from the Nyasa queens.

“I am currently working on my very first album but I will be releasing a few singles before it drops,” said Ritaa

According to the musician, paper will be released in early May, once the gigantic DJ Sley finalises the production.

When asked about her choice of Malinga Mafia out of all dancehall artists, Ritaa said that she felt like he is the right person to be on the song.

“Sometimes you write a song and you just think, oh I think getting this artist on this track with me will make it sound good, so that is how I felt.”

Ritaa, who started doing music at a very tender age, is one of a very few urban artists in Malawi who uses her real name in music.

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  1. Eish!!!!!! koma ndiye eeeeeee!!!! tikaona ndiy titani ife? basi am saying zabwino zoxe keep it up.

  2. hahaha…….ziliko bwino,komatu oimbawa nde alipo….big up to her!koma malingayo kutchuka?kaya.nanenso find me @ facebook.com/haroon mayamiko kandoje

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