Dedza to appeal Sulom tribunal’s decision

dedza young soccer

Dedza Young Soccer say they will appeal against Super League of Malawi (Sulom) Appeals Committee’s decision to allow Sulom to continue with the playoffs.

The club says it will appeal against the decision to the Football Association of Malawi (FAM).

The appeals committee on 5th April resolved that Sulom must reschedule the remaining playoff matches as soon as possible and must allow Dedza Young Soccer to participate in the playoffs in order to determine the 16th Super League team.

dedza young soccer
Dedza Young Soccer: To appeal against ruling.

The appeals committee also said that if any party is aggrieved by the ruling, it has a right to appeal further to FAM before the playoffs are scheduled.

Dedza Young Soccer have decided to appeal to FAM as they are still protesting the decision by Sulom to hold the playoffs as a way of selecting the team that will play in the Super League next season.

Dedza claim that Sulom earlier indicated that only the last two teams would be relegated from the league in the 2015/16 season, a decision the league governing body did not implement.

It is still not clear whether Sulom will have 16 Super League teams when the new season starts on 16th April following Dedza’s decision to appeal.

On Tuesday the appeals committee also resolved that the result of the game between FISD Wizards and Airborne Rangers FC, which was concluded before the playoffs were suspended by an order of injunction, will stand and the game will be counted as the first match of the playoffs.

The first playoff match between Wizards F.C and Airborne Rangers saw the Blantyre based side win 2-1.



  1. Let de playoffs be akuopa chani a Dedzawo? Peter Mponda more fire

  2. Kodi inu a Dedza ngati mukuopa timateam takumapeto nde mutati mwabwererans6 mu super league mulimba! Nanga mukuopa ma play offs ndi Air borne,Wizards maplayf oopsa anagulidwako

  3. Kulolera msanga that’s why Chilungamo sichioneka.Let Dedza exhaust all the Channels then adzaone kuti zizayenda bwanji?Injuction still Stands basi

  4. What Do You Want From What You Call Playoffs.Ithink They Are Looking For Team Which Is Better Than The Other,so Why Bother Sqandering The Limited Resource They Have While Dz Is The Best Loser.Why Dont You Give Them Achance?

  5. Dedza tirinanu limodzi until justice must prevail ,,Sulom idalembera Dedza kuti ilowa Super league lero akusintha bwanji. Keep that letter up to FIFA zachibwana sitikuzifuna mu Mpira we are serious people. Appeal ya Sulom aliyese anadziwiratu kuti palibe cha nzeru angaweruze wolakwa angadziweruze yekha. Judgment must look both sides.

  6. They’re not wrong to proceed with the appeal,it seems SULOM wants FISD to go back in the league.There’s a difference between 1st,2nd n 3rd positions,though there’s no guarantee that the one on 1st will maintain the position,the 2nd can be the first the same with the 3rd.All these teams have fought well till the last day of the league when BB were crown champs.Dedza played all the games I don’t know how many games they played to be on16th position.Who qualifies to go back in the league?I think Dedza deserves their place in the league.Its very unfair for the three teams to compete n then pick one who qualifies to compete in the Super League.Anything can happen,any of the three can qualify,what if if its not Dedza?Will that be a fair creteria of selecting one?Remember that its just a goal difference that separates Mzuzni n Dedza yet Mzuni is in the Super league.Dedza finished 16th and Fisd was the last in the league,yet what u forget is,on that day Dedza plays Fisd either of the two can win,what if its Fisd?They shud go ahead with the appeal!!!!

    1. In playoffs there is no corruption. If Dedza is a good team for superleague let them prove it by beating relegated teams. If they are afraid of relegated teams, how will they compete? Wizards is a best side yachina ma champions from Nomads to Bullets itagulitsa its best 11

    2. This is to do with the law and not the results. The law stipulates that the last three treams will be out and the three regional champions will be n the league to make 15 teams. All teams were playing at worst not to be the last three. “Something to do with mind. ” then the law has be modified to sixteen teams. Once the law has been changed does not preside on past events. Hence needs corcus (sp) to find way forward. Choosing the best loser is one of options and Playoff is the other. Those who have been given mandate has opted for playoff. I personally believed they had good reasons. They looked at several factors that layman like me does not know. I also believe they were some who opted for best loser and the option was defeated. My stand: what dedza is doing is making a worse situation turned into worst. We need a team to be back into the league to start preparing for battle in the football court and not fight in the court of law.

  7. in every orgnisation there are rules and regultions to be folloews.super league is run by sulam and until all chanels have been exhusted its when fam can come in.sulom made a decision for a replay .i dont see any sense from Dedza young soccer to continue dragging this issue.Lets them play football on the pitch and not on the table.

  8. This is a sign that Fam has failed Malawian football,as a motherbody of fooball what are they doing to make sure that Football is going up not down,they choose stay silent on this matter and still its our football which will face the consequence

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