Poly students demand solution to lecturers’ strike

students worried.

Students at the Malawi Polytechnic have asked authorities to immediately solve the pay dispute between lectures and the university council.

The student have not been learning for over a week now as their lecturers are demanding a 30 percent pay hike but the university council has rejected their demands saying it has no money.

President for the Polytechnic Students Union (PSU) Frank Msiska has asked the authorities to resolve the matter quickly as it is making them spend money without learning.

“It is worrisome that we are spending money on food and other necessities but not learning, we are asking the authorities to solve the issue fast, “he said.

He added that much as the students know that they have to be calm, they have run out of patience and may resort to undesirable acts.

Msiska further said that the authorities must not close the institution as the college is already behind in their studies but they should resolve the wrangle amicably.

Recently, the University Council released a statement in which it refused to hike the lecturers’ salaries and threatened to deal with lecturers who continue to strike.  

In the past, such wrangles have caused protests as students at the college barricade the Masauko Chipembere Highway when they get tired of staying idle.



  1. NANUNXO POLY LECTURES KUVUTA KUPOSA ANTHU A MCHIPATALA BWA?pamene u dont deal wth someones lyf directly so take care ntchito zikusowa
    Nanu ma youthi bandukani kaye pa door coz muwononga money useless nde yang’ana komwe wachokera zikatha akapezaso kuti ur guaedian parents
    NOTE once u start violence u r dead so better let u go

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  3. that’s something to do with ur xool adm and the second party ! plzz don’t let us get involved in solving ur matters! we are not @ poly and don’t block the road!!! tired with ur attention seeking method.

  4. Aaaaa. Anyamata onjezelani ndalama musanamizile ma expenditure awa ndi awa asaa

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  6. Guyz Ku Polyko, Musayambitse Zipolowe Couse Mamazumza Anthu Onenepa,amalephera Kuthamanga Akamathawa Teargass .Kkkk.

  7. Poly lecturers, please just resign if you feel that you are more employable. Pantchito sakakamira!

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