Mchinji youths engaging in homosexuality for money


As the debate on gay rights has become a hot topic in Malawi, reports have emerged that some youths in Mchinji district are engaging in homosexuality in exchange for money.

However, Mchinji district youth officer, Mordin Mshema, said he does not have any evidence on the issue.

”That could be true but we don’t have evidence that this is happening but maybe because Mchinji district borders with other countries it could happen that youths are exchanging money with gays,” he said.

Tiwonge Chimbalanga & Steve Monjeza

Monjeza & Chimbalanga were arrested having come out as gays

He then advised youths in the district to realise that sex with people of the same sex, like any other sexual activity might lead to the contraction of HIV and AIDS.

“We are warning the youths practicing this that homosexuality is very dangerous and they need to be cautious,” said Mshema.

Last year, police arrested a gay pair but government ordered their release after receiving pressure from the international community.

Government’s decision to release the gays resulted in a hot debate which reached its climax when politician Ken Msonda claimed that gays are like dogs and they deserve to be killed.

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